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Jane Maluka - biography

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a cry from the heart obeys no rules, the melody is not a prisoner of the flute  (Ghalib) )

Jane Maluka is authentic and not cut to measure - neither as a human being nor as an artist

She is only able to unfold her voice in freedom - like H.C. Andersen's Nightingale - her vocal more bluesy than nightingale, though

Upon years of musical studies with renown teachers and conventional musical institutions, she soon came to realize that many teachers would reduce music - be it compository styles or vocal expression - to his or her own concepts and 'religion' - and judge anything deviating from that wrong, of lesser value or even bad

In order to maintain the joy of music she had to follow her own heart and authentic ways of expression - the voice of her soul

You will recognize elements of different styles and expressions implemented into her songs and compositions    If you want to embrace and appreciate her work and emphasis on freedom of expression - also in music - you may wish to steer free from the temptation of trying to box-limit her song and music into any predefined cages and listen with your heart...

the vocals - implementing inspirations from spirituals to blues to gospel to soul to jazz to world to dhrupad singing            

>> detached and free from any kind of dogma be it religious, musical or other <<

Jane's voice is expressing all emotional subtleties, including the sound of vulnerability so badly numb-shot these days, at best ignored. Rhythmic music, lyrics, and song harmonize body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Her vocal expression is not limited to 7 notes +/-

the music - upon enlightenment experiences in 1988 that transformed her life for good, she committed herself to follow a spiritual calling to raising her voice in service of humanity - by means of song, music, and other healing arts. Her approach is holistic & unique - an invitation to awareness. Coming from the heart, she is inspired to writing songs with universal message; both feet solidly planted into the ground the music  feedback

Her musical painting is coloured by inspirations from great artists - and many styles of music from all over the world : spirituals, gospel, soul, blues, jazz, folk, rock, world. In Denmark and Germany she has been cooperating with musicians of diverse nationalities & musical backgrounds; crossing boarders to great inspiration. Always open and curious to learn more about the vast diversity of musical expression

the influences - from early childhood Jane has been aware of her spiritual and musical roots in Africa. The spirituals of the slaves, the blues, and gospel music touched her deeply already then, and so did the in-human struggle of people in Africa, the black people's civil rights movement in the USA - the ongoing global suffering, injustice and imbalance of resources, still does

Outstanding world personalities like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone to mention a few; along with innumerable blessed musicians and others artists raising their voice in the name of human rights, freedom and humanity, regardless the personal consequenses, have been key figures close to heart as long as she remembers


Jane Maluka background: singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, producer, voice healer. Psychospiritual fascilitator and spiritual coach based on her own concept: Full Circle Interactions * Human & Nature ie life holistically based on body/mind/spirit – human being /environment/ consciousness/evolution - with 25 years experience and practise in a variety of methods. Educations: voice & music, body-mirror healer (a chakra healing system) intuitive healing massage; dual-lingual correspondent, teacher in Danish as foreign language. Meditation. Moreover, comprehensive studies of holistic life philosophy and practises, the evolutionary spiritual energies in woman and man, ecology, psycho-spiritual counselling, transpersonal psychology, Jungian psychology, hatha yoga, meditation, body & consciousness. Stress - symptoms & management

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