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To Whom It May Concern

Jane Maluka  ”Journey of DisCovery”                                                                                            

I’m unable to grasp how it’s possible. I feel a deep, warm and genuine love when I’m listening to the CD

(please note: Erik Zeidler made same test with the song Your Song Child - same results as below)

A heartfelt thank you to Jane for her gift, the new CD ’Journey of DisCovery’

I admit that I’m not able to produce a single right tune with my singing voice. The more so, I’m amazed to receive a strong and continuous energy, every time I’m playing back the new CD, using my pendulum for healing of the seven chakras

For some years, I’ve been applying radiaestesia in my healing work, upon courses with Vivian Wils. One of many subjects was distant healing by means of a pendulum; a process of a few minutes’ duration

As a matter of fact, I’m now experiencing a significantly wider swing of the pendulum, when playing back each of Jane’s six songs. The experience is the same, every time. Further, the pendulum remains in continuous movement, in wide circles, as long as the CD is playing back; as compared without it, which is when the pendulum stops after a few minutes. I’ve made tests with other music, none of the them producing the same significant effect, as Jane’s music

The CD is now direct source of energy transmission for just as long, as I’m motivated to sending healing energy, often for the duration of half an hour to one hour, daily

Further, when listening to Jane’s voice and music in general, I perceive a relaxing effect; how the impressiveness of her performance is touching, and leading to realization of the spiritual messages contained in the songs

Further, I have noticed that the core of the experience, as I’m perceiving it, is coming direcly from Jane’s voice, although the instrumental backgground may play a larger role, than I’m able to comprehend

It may be mentioned that I’m taking part in a comprehensive international healing project, though, subject to Secrecy Agreement, until the results are published after a certain period of time

Finally, I’m wishing Jane the best of luck with her eternal altruistic quest, and continued efforts to doing her part, giving her best at optimum for the benefit of love, peace and mutual understanding on our planet

May she reap the reward of virtues

23 July 2004

signed  Erik Zeidler (*1925-2006*)

Reiki Healer Master Usui system for natural healing - MBA foreign affairs

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