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"..A free-wheeling interview with this diva of soul music and a high priestess of spirituality takes on an odyssey of sorts...Mystical spiritual inspirational melliflous mezmerizing and most of all soul stirring!....
Jane Maluka's music cannot be easily compartmentalised but if one has to do so, her music is sublime....she calls it 'world soul music'.
Her innate and unbridled spiritualiy is reflected in each of her compositions...
Her music and voice is healing and one cannot but be consumed by it!!...
here is one artiste whose song hopes for a brighter future and the initiative lies in all of us world citizens. ..."
- Priya Almeida Navhind Times Goa India. Full article "Soulfully Jane" here

Jane Maluka’s Album” Journey of DisCovery” has been one of my favorites as a radio DJ on All India RADIO FM Rainbow because its music seems to be as old as the hills and yet so very relevant to the present momen t. It forms a part of almost any show I do on radio: retro, pop, world music or jazz and of course personally it is something that always fills me with a warm feeling full of hope.
The market is full of artistes venting their angst (very often fake) against society, family and the world. It has become fashionable to appear dark, angry and depressed. Journey of DisCovery on the other hand is refreshing and speaks of hope, peace and love as answers to any personal despair and trauma, so much of which singer songwriter Jane Maluka experienced in her own turbulent life.
It has a feminist soul with a universal appeal. Unlike most female mainstream artistes, Jane and her music come across as something very real with a subtle message of "To Thine own self be true"
As a songwriter she has the rare combination of simplicity and depth. A unique edgy voice that is easily identifiable and easy to identify with.
Journey of DisCovery is an album that will never go out of style. Its something you can listen to in your car driving to work or after a hard day and you need to step back and check your bearings or simply if you want to Celebrate life!
- Vijayan Almeida, All India Radio, FM Rainbow Goa

...for a production enthusiast like me, it’s a tough bullet to bite, but you’re left with the feeling that anything else would be superfluous. The same is probably also the case with Jane Maluka, who is singing quiet songs with strong feelings, rooted in spirituals, gospel and traditional soul. You get the feeling that her voice is capable of much more than has found space here; but there’s both power, strength, as well as a large personnal commitment on play here
- Hansen/Gaffa October 2004.
Gaffa.dk - a major Danish music magazine

You have given out a lot, but I have learnt a lot just from listening to your music.
You are an inspiration to future generations
- Leonard Mapiye, M.Sc. food technology, zim/uk

it’s balm for the soul flowing out of the speakers
Hannes Sönmetz - düsseldorf/germany - custom percussion builder

the  music is conjuring up a pleasant atmosphere filling the entire room
Michael Reulecke - marburg/germany  - musician

“Come My Way” lingers in the ears - “Where You Turn To” in the heart
Dr.rer.soc. Heinz-Jürgen Stolz - münchen/germany  - 

As a fellow singer/songwriter, I appreciate the quality of Jane Maluka’s singing, and the genuine nature of her songs
Amy Antin - usa/germany  - singer/songwriter  -

nice sound - the implementation of African musicians and voices into songs and arrangements is very interesting
Geoff Haves - london/great britain  - musician/producer

“Where You Turn To” is my favourite. I have to be careful, when I’m driving in my car. I’m relaxing so much that I keep slowing down, and queues are building up behind me
Ulrich Pfeiffer - marburg/germany - it-specialist/manager

soothing voice and music - calming me down from stress, relaxing. I keep getting a picture of  Paul Simon in Zimbabwe with Graceland, when I hear the CD; and Jane Maluka in a similar setting
Mark Penner - usa/denmark - musician/troubadour

I’m unable to grasp how it’s possible. I feel a deep warm and genuine love, when I’m listening to the CD. Feel it emanating from Jane’s voice. I’m using the CD in my healing work on a daily basis 
- Erik Zeidler (1923-2006), Usui Reiki Healer Master, MBA foreign affairs, dk
- Read full review

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