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  • August 2017
    Pressemeddelelse 07 August 2017

  • Jane Maluka har besluttet at flytte til Danmark igen

    Jane Maluka har besluttet at flytte til Danmark igen hhv sandsynligvis et sted på Lolland og er trods svækket tilstand i færd med aktiv søgning

    Håber på blid, kærlig medvind, og gode positive energier i ryggen. Lysets Engle er jo med os alle heldigvis, Gud / Universet, når vi er tuned in og lytter, samt vores Sjæl, hjertes visdom og egen skelneevne beskytter os mod dem og det, som ikke er det
    Det startede godt og glædeligt hos en meget sød og hjælpsom ejendomsmægler sekretær, som synes det er dejligt, jeg ønsker at flytte tilbage til Lolland. Altid dejligt at føle sig velkommen.
    Alt efter hvordan tingene udvikler sig, og Jane Maluka forhåbentlig kommer til kræfter i naturen og ved vandet/Havet, strandens helsebringende eliksir, salt luft i lungerne, naturlig næring til sjælen og kroppen, naturlig fodzoneterapi barfodet under meditative gåture i vandkanten et al, påtænker hun at tilbyde

    LIVE-koncerter - holde foredrag (Soul Talks) og workshops
    Uden Mobiltelefoner hhv slukket og steder Uden dvs i Frihed fra Wifi - Samvær & Nærvær med Hjerte & Sjæl ~ som i De Gode Gamle Dage

    Flere Nye Friske Sunde Initiativer til Lolland og derudover -
    Vores verden/jord som helhed <3 Måske Du også synes, det er en god idé ?
    Jane Maluka har fanget en fabelagtig hookline, der siger
    - Lolland Falster Love Storm
    Da ord jo ikke er nok, må der handling bag, som vi alle ved.

    To contact Jane Maluka, use easy-click Email link left panel side, also on Contact page.

    For More Fused with Music go to
    CDBaby.com/artist/janemaluka - iTunes - Amazon
    About - Welcome

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  • MAY 2017
    Reflections at 65 - Jane Maluka Soul Talk - 4 May 2017

  • Sending to janemaluka.com list
    Jane Maluka World Citizen Friends Newsletter

    "Show your Love today, "tomorrow - i morgen - morgen" your busy having no time may have clocked you out, and you finding Self left with regrets in the stomach, without second opportunity times ever after" - Jane Maluka

    Greetings & A Jane Maluka Soul Talk at 65

    I sincerely hope this finds all of you well, healthy, in pure heart embraced, love-filled.
    With genuine loving caring life companions being faithfully beside you also in rough times and not only when the sun is shining to their warming, plenty good smiles- and joy-creators to counter and bring upliftment in life's journeys' less smiley challenges -

    "Reflections - Reflektioner - Reflexionen at 65" - By Jane Maluka Soul Talk
    At a few weeks until turning the 65 years Soul in-carnate planet earh transit page on 21st May.
    Pretty well done, when standing overviewing the time linear period 0-65 considering the "life" circumstances and conditions coped and dealing with, so far.

    I had hoped to experience seeing increased good and sound conditions for
    SUSTAINABLE Peace - Fred - Frieden to manifest on our beautiful planet Earth.
    Though, IT TAKES LOVE Applied! as well as The WISDOM to aware and thorough weeding, where LOVE is lacking; as
    - Painting the front door does not remove the dirt in carpets and closets.

    Viewing from Eagle-The Observer-Soul perspective, our planet suffers
    - lobsided and unjust distribution of plentiful resources available - greed and selfishness - mistreatment and exploitation of humans, animals, habitat, environment and Nature - absence of Genuine Empathy Caring and Compassion - many capable people seem to choose downslope regress, if not keep recycling apathetic in status quo, ego-centricity prior to Upward Spiral Progress and Evolution
    Heart & Soul - A Choice! - Et Valg - Eine Wahl
    Big Heartfelt thanks - Tak - Dankeschön and Respect to everyone holding your end up and representing the latter!

    Our world needs no more charity
    - It needs more LOVING Dignity, Empathy and Integrity - Dignity restored and maintained where failed and missing
    "LOVE-in-Action! makes the difference!"
    where nice-talking remains nothing but substanceless hot air castles.
    There's a choice.

    - Jane Maluka Soul Talk, 4 May 2017
    Visions & Works - Visioner & Arbejder - Visionen & Arbeiten

    From "My Story" - Jane Maluka
    "My Legacy" - Min Arv . Mein Erbe
    - Soul in-carnate mother earth transit
    Excerpt - Chapter "Soul Talks"

    With Love Light Peace ~ All Well Wishes & warmest regards
    Jane Maluka

    For More Fused with Music go to
    CDBaby.com/artist/janemaluka - iTunes - Amazon

    Select press, reviews, feedback, feat in articles and interviews Pdf
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  • April 2017
    Newsletter 26 April 2017

  • State of Affairs sending to janemaluka.com list
    Jane Maluka World Citizen Friends Newsletter

    Greetings dear people,
    Soul urged - "tomorrow" can never be taken for granted -
    in my heart to share, and maybe inspire and/or kickstart, one way and/or the other

    State of Affairs Ctd - with an excerpt from
    "My Story" - "The Blues Songbook"

    "...Thank you so much and appreciations for remembering my Earth day....and for your kind wishes...
    In a way it is a sad day, very sad...
    For all the folks, nations, continents, world,
    I have been there for, stood up for, beside and behind, carried, cared for, comforted.
    Gone out of my own ways for, sacrificed and given from own life, time, flesh, blood, resources, and comfort, are volumely silent and not to be seen for dust, come their time to give, care and carry etc

    “They drank the last drop of blood and wine, and left.
    Who and what are they?”

    From "My Story" - Jane Maluka
    "My Legacy" - Min Arv . Mein Erbe
    - Soul in-carnate mother earth transit
    "The Blues Songbook"

    More relevant than ever - facing "death" ie earth transit exit right on every moment,
    with every difficult, restricted breath - broad spectrum competences and experience, yet drained, pained, lacking the strength to apply
    Moreover, "not 25" anymore, turning 65 on 21st May. A long turbulent life in hardship and hard focused work since childhood in the backpack.
    Rather desperate to be honest; in spite all positive approach chosen.
    - The indifference, at times cold-hearted arrogance, displayed by 'friends' and family, frankly hurtful, saddening, a sorrow to bear,
    as an authenic human being Soul in-carnate with authentic feelings kept in tact intact; no heart and soulles robot

    BEING "Electro Hyper Sensitive" (EHS) an environmental-miljø-Umwelt pollution impact/damage on health and life.
    CAUSED by having been Raped with a high overdose Microwaves 24/7 , as I moved to and lived in a house with 2 Mobile Towers ca 200 m away; from which I managed to "flee"

    FOR lack of help sadly so far, still living in the small "transit apartment"
    - "Big modern day electronic concentration camp - microwave oven" -
    forced extreme exposure to health damaging microwave radiation, densely populated city circumstances (app 33.500 inhabitants)

    EACH unit using at least one microwave radiating : mobile phone, laptop, pc, rooter, tablet, wifi, wireless gadgets,
    add to this huge amounts of mobile towers/-antennae as well as satellite receivers operating by means of Microwaves-Radiation, as well.

    DESPITE non-thermal , no less health and life damaging - as proven by integer, non-corrupt doctors, scientists, engineers, humanitarians, high caliber characters fortunately still to be found and active in service of humanity in our world!

    Take Good Care of yourSelf / The Children / each other -
    Pas godt på dig selv / børnene / hinanden - Passe gut auf Dich auf / die Kinder /einander
    No one is an island in this world! as we know.
    LOVE App ( ( ( <3 ) ) ) Applied Awareness - Universal Wisdom
    Consciousness Conscious-ness on The Rocks!

    With Love Light Peace ~ All Well Wishes & warmest regards
    Jane Maluka

    To Connect with Jane Maluka - Kontakt - Kontaktieren
    Enquiries - Forespørgsler - Anfragen & Booking
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  • "..You have given out a lot, but I have learnt a lot just from listening to your music.
    You are an inspiration to future generations..."

    - Leonard Mapiye, M.Sc. food technology, zim/ca
    Select press, reviews, feedback, feat in articles and interviews Pdf
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  • April 2017
    Press Release 17 April 2017

  • State of Affairs sending to janemaluka.com list
    Jane Maluka World Citizen Friends Newsletter

    Hello, dear world people all around the world
    State of Affairs
    TO INFORM that I'm at Intensively Battling a ca 5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm 'tumor' in my lung, an "uninvited visitor" that has to leave.
    It takes intensive time and energy demanding work and focus; ongoing knowingly since June 2016
    By means of Natural Spiritual Healing & multiple mother nature's health and healing remedies and fitness ways applied, as for my choice -
    Being ao a holistic spiritual healer, counsellor and teacher with more than 30 years' experience

    HEARTFELT Thanks for all Loving Vibes & Thoughts sent my way
    and for sending wholehearted loving help, gentle caring, sweet hearts souls, competent helping hands to an urgently needed, long overdue move my way - to a for me healthy house & environment, at long last
    All calls for practical help over many years remained unanswered so far, unfortunately.

    I'll be gone for a long, healthy while.
    Big Thanks for Your Love & Beauty expressed diverse ways. Keep Shining!

    OUR world urgently needs More Love-in-Action! People Walking The Talk!
    - no more left a nice-talking about it.

    Feat photo attached depicts "Mobilized Moments" in a condition of extreme pains, fatigue and exhaustion, sipping the divine beauty and nurturing elixir of Mother Nature & The Universe - In the treasured soul soothing company of lungs/blood oxygenizing supporting and breathing enhancing water nearness space.

    Jane Maluka, 17 Apr 2017

    With Love Light Peace ~ All Well Wishes & warmest regards Jane Maluka

    To Connect with Jane Maluka - Kontakt - Kontaktieren
    Enquiries - Forespørgsler - Anfragen & Booking
  • Email

  • "..You have given out a lot, but I have learnt a lot just from listening to your music.
    You are an inspiration to future generations..."

    - Leonard Mapiye, M.Sc. food technology, zim/ca
    Select press, reviews, feedback, feat in articles and interviews Pdf
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  • March 2017
    Newsletter Mar 2017 - A Life Heart & Soul Talk

  • Newsletter sending to janemaluka.com list
    Jane Maluka World Citizen Friends Newsletter

    "WHO will feel - føle - fühlen and fill the entrance to your wounds and sorrow with Pure Hearted Love, Empathy, Compassion, Caring & Understanding is a True Friend - Priceless - A Rare Gem - A Keeper" - Jane Maluka *)
    LOVE App ( ( ( <3 ) ) ) ~ Applied Awareness - Universal Wisdom

    Greetings, dear people, from all around the world I'm happy to know

    Pleased to announce that I am still "alive" and made it to 64 years & 10 months linear time earth counts. Pretty well done considering the "life" circumstances coped and dealing with since May 1952, when standing overviewing the period soul in-carnate this planet so far.

    *) A food for thought - stof til eftertanke - Anregungen zum Nachdenken & Inspiration for You
    - for this day and beyond - An excerpt from a book part of my holistic vision and plans all along.
    Time and right circumstances will tell, what is Universe-Alley destined to be.

    "Jane Maluka's World Soul - Poetry, Quotes, Soul Talks"
    - Book yet to be published

    For More Fused with Music go to
    CDBaby.com/artist/janemaluka - iTunes - Amazon

    With Love Light Peace ~ and warmest regards
    Take Care - Ha' det godt - Mach's gut
    Jane Maluka

    Feat photo: mobilized moments - lovely ambience in Nature

    Select press, reviews, feedback, feat in articles and interviews Pdf
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  • January 2017
    New Years Greetings 2017& State of Affairs

  • Newsletter of 2 Jan 2017 sending to janemaluka.com list
    Jane Maluka World Citizen Friends Newsletter

    Greetings, dear people
    Here's wishing you All
    Happy New Year 2017 - With Lots of Love to Love!
    MAY it be the Best and most LOVE-filled, Love-Lead, inspiring, meaning-full, uplifting, you have ever experienced!
    Peace-filled & full of sustainable LOVE, Smiles-Creators, Joy, Fun, Laughter, Harmony, Happiness

    Happy & Sweet Real LOVE Seasons - every day! in every way*
    MAY y/our days, life, hearts and soul be filled, and refilled, with pure hearted, grounded, sustainable,
    wholehearted LOVE ~ Light ~ Sincerity ~ Peace ~ Harmony ~ Happiness ~ Fun ~ Smiles ~ Joy on repeat beat; no lesser .
    MAY we keep See and sift well dwell & Listen, attentively, carefully
    MAY we keep know and discern between honest, authentic and pretentious, false
    - Healthy vs toxic
    - Natural vs artificial
    - Heart & Soul WE vs ego- me.

    MAY we keep plant pure hearted Love in our world; no lesser. Keep the wisdom to keep water and nurture
    - For Sustainable Love to keep grow , blossom and thrive.

    MAY we keep our Conscious-ness and Conscience Lense clean, clear, focused and innocent like the eyes of a (newborn) child

    Every moment is the beginning of a new year - Make it a good one
    - Jane Maluka

    Photo feat in flyer
    At "Mobilized Moments" Dec 2016 with Beautiful Inspiring Street Art & a big uninvited, unwanted "visitor" in my lungs. Breathing gets more difficult by the day, coughing as a non-smoker very disconcerting and energy draining.
    My lungs obviously help work hard on cleaning and healing, as I require and thank them for. Am in torturous pains and extreme fatigue. Forced exposure to environmental pollution beyond choice is a Blues in capital and bold.
    All natural health and healing remedies and tools apply, being a holistic spiritual healer and teacher with more than 30 years' experience.
    - Though, the cause causing the/a problem-symptom must be eliminated for sustainable change for the better.

    HEARTFELT Thanks for sending Loving healing vibes, huge empathetic hearts and wholehearted helping hands my way
    so that I can finally move to a house near the ocean to hopefully heal and recover, recharge, continue writing songs, making music, rebuild my studio, perform live et al.
    It is deeply saddening to experience that all calls for help over many years have been either ignored, written off with a few words, indifference, if not even arrogantly ridiculed, and silenced to death.

    To Love-in-Action! making the difference
    Cheers With Love Light Peace ~ and warmest regards
    Jane Maluka

    PLAY LOVE On Repeat*
    Jane Maluka's World Soul Music - World Soul Food!
    matters of the heart 4Peace Human Rights Healing
    Songs of Hope Peace Love Unity Harmony Healing
    www.janemaluka.com - CDBaby . iTunes . Amazon . YouTube
    Proactivity for Peace Love & Positive Change Fullcircle Human & Nature!
    For a better world as we are around in same boat*

    BE The LOVE! you wish to see in the world - Jane Maluka

    Select press, reviews, feedback, feat in articles and interviews Pdf
    Download here

  • October 2015

  • Positive Feedback Always Brings Joy and Smiles
    A Heartmoving Email received

    DEAR Jane
    SOMETIMES - in those timeless moments - I search for people on the net, who are important to me and to whom I no longer have contact.
    A LONG time ago, we were neighbours.
    IT WAS inexplicable joy for me to find you - as singing Jane Maluka - with this endless vision of peaceful life; with your actions for human rights and healing.
    YOUR SINGING moved me profoundly... and listening to you in the English interview (on youtube-malukamusic, editors note) in which you briefly tell about your story and what happened to you in Germany moved me deeply and brought me back to my childhood.

    AS A CHILD.. I experienced how one day you were gone, and knew somehing horrible must have happened to you.
    HOW SHAMEFUL to know that no legal right took care that your children remain with you.. and how awful - from my view as a nearby living child - that our parents were not able to help you. I AM living with my two children (17 und 15) in ... I too left the father and our joint house 5 years ago - he became an alcoholic, his family history caught up on him; and I painfully had to learn letting go.

    WHEN I HEAR YOU SING it gives me strength to go ahead on my pathway - Thank you very much...
    Much love...

    - AHO Germany; name privacy respected

    I am grateful to have received so much beautiful feedback over the years, which brings joy and smiles to heart, soul and mileage.
    Appreciations to everyone having expressed their feelings and experience with my music and other works of arts and awareness.
    Probably the most profound and touching, deeply humbled and warmed in heart, I received from a past neighbourhood girlchild, now a grown woman.
    The above email arriving like a sacred surprise "out of the blue"; inspite deep pain, wounds and scars that never ever could be "past" to be "forgotten?" as all is in the Now, made all the struggle worth it, as is a saying

    Select press, reviews, feedback, feat in articles and interviews Pdf
    Download here


    "Violence, rape, fleeing with two children in inexplicable fear to seek shelter, security and safety, to end violence on us all and in fear of being killed, violent kidnapping of one's children and all consequences implicit and hereof never gets "past"
    It's a multiple patchwork scarcoat you chose weave, sew, learn to wear and live with and in spite.
    Genuine empathy and compassion for fellow human beings, all life and living beings, lives and breathes in every stitch, patch and path.
    Every heart beat beats for Loving, no lesser - Jane Maluka

  • February 2015
    Press Release

  • Quote from Newsletter to JaneMaluka.com list February 2015

    Love Cares! - Is it Love, if not?
    Living a good and healthy life is ao being aware of detoxing yourself from toxic people, pursuits and environments - Jane Maluka

    a) - Press Release 17 February 2015
    b) - "Health risk from wireless?, the debate is over.."
    c) - On the largely unknown (hidden?) dangers of CT-scans & X-Rays, the big pharma scams and more

    a) Press Release
    Jane Maluka February 2015 - State of Affairs
    AT AGE 62 - a few months until turning the next earth transit age page. If so be in the cards and assignments of The Universe.
    We never know, I am fully ready to go, when my time due to fly on. Making the best of all in the meantime.
    THE LIFE threatening accident in the woods end March last year, the earth angels finding me; obviously a few more rounds and sets to sing on this planet. In transition period into a new era and life cycle, leaving old ways behind for new, better and healtier ways to show
    AS TO "age" - I stand up for every hookline, bridge, all verses and choruses singing from my face and other; no cutting, hiding, photoshopping and pasting here.
    MY SOUL's journey on earth is a multiverse song composition, brick books of chapters, a tree with strong roots its crown in the Sky & The Universe
    NATURAL is my beat - Authenticity and honesty my treat.

    I STILL hope and keep in vision that heart-full, understanding, respectful and caring integer help, competent helping hands come my way. Truly loving caring in actions.

    FOR ONE - to help me move from current excruciating pain causing surroundings due to forced exposure microwaves-electromagnetic pollution environment (ie as imposed by mobile phones/users, wifi, wireless, mobile towers-antennae) to a solitaire and shielded house in nature, so as to be able to fully recover, recreate and Live a life, not merely just about able to survive in torturous pains and fatigue due to before mentioned circumstances. All natural and spiritual healing tools apply, being a spiritual healer and teacher, implicit which a high sensitivity, naturally. In order to continue Life and Music productions, live performances in Music, Soul Talks, Workshops et al

    SECOND - professional, spiritually based and grounded management assistance coming forward to help take care of the all organisation and formality works foundational to it all, and very importantly making sure I get paid for my work that I have carried on my own two shoulders until now, which urgently needs healthy change. In order to continue in ways good for me as well.
    TIME FOR GOOD and healthy balance and team-lift
    MISSING link yet to show - I take it a sign from the Universe:
    "The Best Is Yet To Come"

    I STILL have a dream and vision of a place and house in beautiful nature, and the heart right people to partner the humanity move
    - a Sanctuary of Peace and Serenity with sufficient space and appropriate facilities, where above mentioned activities can be lived, and offered.
    FOR recreation, wellness, healing, clarity, recharging and healthy time-out from nowadays, socalled "modern" busy-busy nez.
    MANY people appear to be longing for it, yet seemingly not quite ready to liberate self from the hooks of capatalism and related consumption "always available" propaganda, and fear-of-missing out on..???.thus always and 24/7 available on their mobile devices. Really present nowhere as distracted everywhere.

    "Foundational change needs to be taken care of, take place and manifest in real life, not to be confused with airy internet walls ie pseudo-reality, where many good and nice words and nicey pictures float about, never landing to healthy grounding and fertile soil. Congruence needs to be taken charge of." - Jane Maluka

    MAY LOVE rule and reside in our world - Love in actions; not left at nice words without substance
    - Jane Maluka February 2015.

    Enquiries & Booking: Email

    PLAY LOVE On Repeat*
    Jane Maluka's World Soul Music - World Soul Food!
    matters of the heart 4Peace Human Rights Healing
    Songs of Hope Peace Love Unity Harmony Healing
    www.janemaluka.com - CDBaby . iTunes . Amazon . YouTube
    Proactivity for Peace Love & Positive Change Fullcircle Human & Nature!
    For a better world as we are around in same boat*

    BE The LOVE! you wish to see in the world - Jane Maluka

  • 15 July 2012
    Jane Maluka Digital Press Update

  • A brand new concise press is ready to download as pdf here and on janemaluka.com/Download page. There, further please find links to reviews, interviews, articles, press photos, song lyrics and more. Listen-mix-Buy Jane Maluka's World Soul Music in our CDBaby Store. Visit Jane Maluka's artist page on cdbaby.com/artist/janemaluka featuring all releases to date. Also on iTunes and Amazons world wide, all fine online stores. CDBaby Fair Trade.

  • 12 July 2012
    Press Release

  • Jane Maluka withdraws from public activities
    Due to serious health impacts and consequences of electromagnetic microwave pollutions in current residence and environ, Jane Maluka has now withdrawn from public activities (networking and promotion platforms) until further notice.
    Know more. It is still possible to contact by email
    Further, 60 earth years reached in May 2012, a new life cycle and era in her spiritual calling and mission in process and progress. Works in music and writings, ie soul talks, poetry, inspirationals and more, for a better world for all. Light shed for global peace, love, harmony, unity. Sustainably. A turn of the tide and backflow for decades of work, costs and investments due. A comprehensive global generosity in sharing, caring, carrying and giving over many years and in variety of global contexts, calling for balance.
    We give thanks for continued interest and support in The Golden Light Era of positive change on our planet. For genuine Love prevail sake, universal peace requisite. The Octave shift-lift transition from Ego/Solar Plexus to Heart Center level. From the Me to WE by living example. Individually as globally.
    Well wishes to everyone of a loving and peaceful journey of change continued. Check back to this page for news. Thank you.

  • 19 June 2012
    Highlights June 2012

  • Jane Maluka's official Facebook profile facebook.com/janemaluka up again since 060612
    Press Release as posted on Facebook - read here
    QUOTE - PRESS 060612 We are pleased to inform Jane Maluka official Facebook profile up again upon having been locked for 5 weeks. Further information for story to be fully finalized to come in due time. NB Unrighteous warnings added by platform administration on links to main website and other safe references now cleared. Historic info up until 24 May 2012 please find in www.janemaluka.com/news.html Future to be published in same, with priority. Sign up for newsletter same link
    MALUKAMusic Backing Page: Thanks for all support
    A SAFE and reliable way to stay in touch and update is via JaneMalukacom incl contact info. Email infoatjanemalukacom) Independence. Freedom THANKS for your attention and continued support. All well noticed and appreciated. Jane Maluka www.janemaluka.com For a better world as we are around in same boat - UNQUOTE

    MALUKAMusic Backing Page created for emergency purposes has been taken down as per today 19 June 2012; this time by our decision. It will be kept in stand by position, unless circumstances call for other

    DRUM Drum Feet The Soul Song - Jane Maluka Soul Talk Poetry as featured in recent Newsletter is available for public to read myspace.com/janemaluka/blog/545899975 with top notes quote:
    Heart beats and soul songs for peace be-come-be
    One-World is a Love song transition from the I to the We - Jane Maluka

    UPDATE JUNE 2012 - Jane Maluka Soul Talk Humans & The MangoTree
    Do (you believe) microwaves cook only chicken?

  • 24 May 2012
    JANE MALUKA's websites and links are Clean & Safe to visit!

  • On 29 April 2012 Jane Maluka's Facebook profile facebook.com/janemaluka got locked for access/administration, unless obeydiance given to the, unacceptable, demand of uploading photo of passport or other legal identification. Warnings have been added to Links on the profile. REASONS due to her openly and fearlessly raising voice against Mark Zuckerberg / Facebook's general and known violations of privacy, and forced changes to their Timeline without user consent. In public posts on Facebook wall. MOST likely also for highlighting Mobile Phone topic, microwave pollution, and health consequences use of same. Ie Humans & The Mango Tree - Jane Maluka Soul Talk . Facebook is imposing increasing demands on users to use, and avail, their mobile IDs. Opening up to privacy. Global monitoring tools, easy to abuse

    MAIN profile still visible to public. FAITHFUL and brave friends on list - Susie Henry, Halvard Birkeland, Oliver Mbamara, Ramy Aziziah - have posted comments to Free the profile account; yet in writing moment, still ignored by Facebook.
    TWO backup profiles created to keep fans in the know of happenings, and encouraging to support Free Jane Maluka's profile, have been suspended as well - "MalukaMusic Backing Page (Jane Maluka)" and "Golden Light (World Soul)"- MANY friends/fans/supporters had joined those pages and shown their support, within the few days of said profiles' existence.
    TO Facebook management, Jane Maluka's works to raising awareness on global co-responsibility - for a better world as we are around in same boat - questioning FB's integrity, obviosuly 'dangerous' and leading to the harassments

    SPECIAL thanks to Oliver Mbamara Esq, olivermbamara.com, who not only spontaneously posted a "Free Jane Maluka's profile account" comment on main profile. For taking it steps further out into the open and featured below Press Release of 04 May 2012 front page, on one of his main websites and message board *AfricanEvents.com Features* and *AfricanEventscom Notice Board*

    PRESS RELEASE 04 May 2012
    JANE MALUKA's websites and links are CLEAN & SAFE to visit!
    It IS 4Peace Love Harmony Unity! GLOBAL RESPECT! ONE WORLD - ONE LOVE! .. 'malicious-dangerous' ?

    Facebook is exposing I-my work to harassment because I stand up fearless, ask for respect, and question their integrity. Many fellow artistes, and others, are sharing their links on Facebook, seemingly with no problem!

    Reason: I have taken clear public stand, raised my voice on my FB Profile wall against general FB violations of privacy, and violence by forced changes to 'Timeline' without consent. Big number of Facebook users say no to it. Further, FB seems very 'annoyed' I choose to keep my mobile phone ID private. Since then, my Facebook moves have been monitored, considerably restricted; threats keep pop up during profile administration. Now locked.
    Mark Zuckerberg and staff are living on Us, You and I. Think about it.
    Thanks for help "FREE" Jane Maluka's profile to restore access, and free links from Facebook violations. Post a Comment.
    FYI 'unsafe' links and websites are mostly caught and listed as such in search engines and own browser-pc security software. CHECK Jane Maluka on web for status.
    => See for Self, think for Self choose for Self . Freedom. Never just assume or allow be manipulated, always check with source of origin - Jane Maluka

    PROACTIVITY for Peace Love & Positive Change Fullcircle Human & Nature! For a better world as we are around in same boat* Jane Maluka's World Soul Music World Soul Food! CDBaby iTunes Amazon - wwwjanemalukadotcom*

    PRESS RELEASE 17 May 2012
    AN INGREDIENT in the cocktail of Jane Maluka's main profile being blocked for her to access, by (platform owner/administration), is likely to be her openly, fearlessly and heartfelt highlighting the ( Topic of Mobile Phones )
    MICROWAVE pollution and health threats, consequence use of same. Platform owner collaborating/contracting/capitalizing in joint ventures with global mobile and internet provider enterprises. Sucking, manipulating, even forcing, more and more people into the capitalistic exploit of human beings, allowing self be exploitet, brainwashed, and 'braindamaged' eg brain tumors, addictions, and other dis-eases. People who like fool self believe platform would be 'Free'
    IT CAN only happen, with people/users ( allowing ) it happen.

    WHO - and what - are the sheep and shippers?
    WHO does it (truly) benefit? Down-to-earth life, feet on Mother Earth grounds, realtime reality?
    WHO cares?
    WHO cares about the neighbours anyway?
    WHO cares about the children, who have no choice of knowing? and protect self
    WHO? If any, what is the difference between passive smoking and smoging?

    AWARENESS Is Hip CARE is Hippest Intelligence" - Jane Maluka / wwwJaneMalukacom
    Humans and The Mango Tree - Jane Maluka Soul Talk myspace.com/janemaluka/blog/543480627 . http://on.fb.me/zTn7iI
    All contact and interview enquiries to topic by email (infoatjanemalukacom).
    Comment space is available for readers' comments and elaborations
    n.b. main profile is still visible to public, friends/friends' comments

    IMPLICIT above post on Facebook, the following information shared on below Jane Maluka Art Flyer Humans & The Mango Tree. Seconds after profile access got blocked

    HEALTH RISKS of mobile phones - cam.net.uk/home/aaa315/eco/no-to-mobile-phones.htm
    "DNA damage, cancer, warning to children - Heavy use of mobile phones can damage sperm / fertility"
    Damage nerves in the scalp
    Cause blood cells to leak hemoglobin
    Cause memory loss and mental confusion
    Cause headaches and induce extreme fatigue
    Create joint pain, muscle spasms and tremors
    Create burning sensation and rash on the skin
    Alter the brain's electrical activity during sleep
    Induce ringing ! in the ears, impair sense of smell
    Precipitate cataracts, retina damage and eye cancer
    Open the blood-brain barrier to viruses and toxins
    Reduce the number and efficiency of white blood cells
    Stimulate asthma by producing histamine in mast cells
    Cause digestive problems and raise bad cholesterol levels
    Stress the endocrine system, especially pancreas, thyroid, ovaries, testes

    WDDTY What Doctors Don't Tell You - wddty.com/warn-kids-about-mobile-dangers-say-scientists.html
    "Leading scientists and doctors are calling on the UK government to issue warnings to children about the health dangers of mobile (cell) phone use. They fear that the UK government is ignoring the 200 studies that point to health hazards – such as brain tumours and infertility – that may result from long-term mobile phone use, especially among children. Neurosurgeon Kevin O’Neill, chairman of the Brain Tumour Research Campaign, says: “It would be a mistake to ignore the mounting evidence"
    . Mobile phones do cause brain tumours, major study finally confirms
    . Mobile phones: DNA damage discovered
    . For years, governments around the world have denied that the low level of radiation from mobile phones is harmful to health.
    . Possible health hazards from long-term use of mobile phones are finally being taken seriously by agencies in the UK and USA
    . Mobile phones almost definitely cause cancer—and especially brain tumours—after 10 years of consistent usage
    . Mobile phones: They increase cancer risk in children fivefold
    . Children and young adults have a five times greater risk of developing brain tumours from mobile phones than older people, a leading researcher believ

    HEALTH RISKS of Cell Phone Radiation - emwatch.com/Cellphones.htm
    "Many cell phone users spend 30 minutes a day on their mobile. That's 11000 minutes a year of cell phone radiation applied to the side of their head. Year after year after year.Forgive me for saying this: You'd have to be soft in the head to believe that all this high-frequency microwave energy has no effect on our brains! Common sense alone would tell you that this amount of radiation, applied at point-blank range, has got to have some effect on those brain cells.."

    . leukemia . brain cancer . skin damage . brain damage . increased blood pressure . DNA damage . sperm abnormalities . reduced fertility . salivary gland cancer . psychological problems . sleep interference . and many other health effects- / ref emwatch com

    additional links collection to HUMANS & THE MANGO TREE - JANE MALUKA SOUL TALK myspace.com/janemaluka/blog/543480627 powered by Jane Maluka wwwJaneMalukacom

    Jane Maluka Art Flyer "Humans & The MangoTree"
    Do (you believe) microwaves cook only chicken?

  • 07 March 2011

  • It is heart touching moving and rewarding to receive great feedback on theme song video to my JANE MALUKA-YOUR SONG CHILD album. It's been a lot of work and costs uniting artistes and friends from around the world in my -
    JANE MALUKA YOUR SONG CHILD PROJECT a global peace facilitating philosophy A TOOL TO PEACE THE WORLD

    Enjoy the video, leave your comment on YouTube if it touches your heart too, or email me. Thanks!

    "so cute..Jane makes me think of mother Teresa....kudos pls support her efforts,,Kaleta" - Kaleta Zozo Afrobeat

    "Amazing!! people out der, pls gt one of jane maluka's songs, buy yours 2day. it is worth buyin.peace" - Seyi Quest Nigeria

    "This is so cute!. It brings back my 'inner child'. Jonna really loves and sings the reprise. Do dop do..do pi do. cool rhyme!!!. I am here singing it too. There nothing more than seeing a kid happy. Jane,you brought the talents out of all of us.Thanks!!!" - Tony Ajayi Kuggae Music

    "I actually felt tugs on my heart watching this. beautiful ..The innocence of this lovely child, and what she is learning of peace and goodness from her grandma is what the tugs on my heart were telling me. ♥ Your granddaughter is just precious...what a lovely gift you've given her by way of this video- Lorie Leguire Facebook

    "You never cease to inspire. I pray that God give you enough number of days to see fruits of the seeds u planted in Jonna" - Viet Congo Zimbabwe

    Get JANE MALUKA-YOUR SONG CHILD album mp3s via JANE MALUKA CDBaby Artist Profile * JANE MALUKA's Own Global AMAZON STORE * JANE MALUKA on iTunes * All JANE MALUKA albums-songs available on CDBaby iTunes Amazons World Wide all fine digital stores. Search JANE MALUKA

    and they said:
    "A Trendsetter" - Kaleta Zozo Afrobeat myspace.com/zozoafrobeat

    "Jane, you are an angel sent from God. Your music and voice touching deep into the heart and soul. You are a new Bob Marley!" - Linton Cooper hiphop-reggae producer Jamaica/USA myspace.com/165514155

    "Thanks for your inspirational music. I admire your strong core values and desire to bring about peace. You are a real artist , someone we enjoy and learn from at the same time Artists like you are one in a million" - Mike McInnis Canada myspace.com/mikemacinnis1

    "Your music is spiritual central heating - I play your music nearly every day, it helps me get through the day, and feel I know you so well. Only an angel heart could produce music as lovely as yours!!" - Jo-ann Pritchard Zimbabwe/UK facebook

    "Jane, you are one of those few people who have made a huge difference on the lives of thousands of people. You are selfless and you are the willingness to change,you tick all the boxes of a living hero." - Henry Chitchenga Zimbabwe/UK facebook

  • 06 March 2011
    JANE MALUKA Brand New Single release - A Universal loving kick in the butt

  • JANE MALUKA-WORLD NEWS single now out in All fine online stores
    "a great piece of musical art.." - Ghariokwu Lemi Art's Own Kind.

    track notes:
    - A loving kick in the butt to get up and make a change in this world & Join hands: together we are stronger
    - et kærligt spark i rumpetten til at stå op og gøre en forskel i verden & Hånd i hånd: sammen er vi stærkere
    - ein liebevoller Kick in den Hintern aufzustehen und einen Unterchied zu machen auf dieser Welt & Hand in Hand: gemeinsam sind wir stärker

    live video from Jane Maluka's Universal Street Corner in pipeline. Stay tuned to MALUKA MUSIC YouTube Channel
    Get JANE MALUKA-WORLD NEWS & All Jane Maluka albums-songs via JANE MALUKA CDBaby Artist Profile * JANE MALUKA's Own Global AMAZON STORE with all Jane Maluka's World Soul Music songs released to date, bio to download, photos, videos, JANE MALUKA-COME MY WAY & JANE MALUKA-I SEE YOU I HEAR YOU full streaming and much more * JANE MALUKA on iTunes

  • 03 February 2011
    JANE MALUKA Highlights 2010

  • News update coming up soon. Big Thanks for patience and understanding. The workload of an independent artist juggling all hats. Thanks for your interest and for checking back. Stay tuned. In the meantime enjoy News on JANE MALUKA-YOUR SONG CHILD album release JANE MALUKA-YOUR SONG CHILD ** JANE MALUKA-YOUR SONG CHILD on CDBaby with all credits in One Spot in the info section ** JANE MALUKA-YOUR SONG CHILD In Jane Maluka's own global AMAZON STORE with all Jane Maluka's World Soul Music songs released to date, bio to download, photos, videos, JANE MALUKA-COME MY WAY full streaming and much more. Enjoy

    Enjoy theme song to JANE MALUKA-YOUR SONG child album on JANE MALUKA's very own MALUKA MUSIC Video Channel :

  • 05 December 2009
    JANE MALUKA performs YOUR SONG CHILD at hindu event in Goa India - MORE GEMS

  • In the course of my tour to Goa in summer 2009 I was delighted to meet and be invited by DR NEELESH KORDE and MRS SUNANDA KORDE to attend a traditional Hindu function - performed during 7th month of pregnancy - the welcoming of the first child
    It was a spiritually deeply moving experience, as said ritual is an awesome equivalent to the core essence of my

    As part of the ritual I performed my song "YOUR SONG CHILD" live, featuring Vijayan Almeida (Kixmet) on flute
    LISTEN to JANE MALUKA YOUR SONG CHILD original and Vlad Shusterman Mix at myspace.com/janemaluka
    VIEW SLIDESHOW and info in blog at myspace.com/janemaluka
    PHOTO ALBUMs myspace.com/janemaluka ** facebook.com/janemaluka
    CONNECT with Jane Maluka via profile facebook.com/janemaluka

  • 04 December 2009
    JANE MALUKA features in NAVHIND TIMES Goa India

  • “JANE MALUKA: mystical, spiritual, inspirational, soul stirring ...."
    Read full article by free lance journalist and lecturer PRIYA ALMEIDA e GOES / Goa India here
    Extract of article is featured in NAVHIND TIMES "BUZZ" Goa India August 2009 - "SOULFULLY JANE" read here
    "Jane Maluka Press - Media Featuring" - View photos and scans at myspace.com/janemaluka * global collaborations

  • 02 December 2009
    JANE MALUKA CO-WRITING in collab with KIXMET (Goa) "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU" audio & video

  • Carrying gems in the bag from my tour to Goa this summer, I'm pleased to present one more of them in this news note. A JANE MALUKA song Co-Writing and Collaboration with VIJAYAN ALMEIDA (Kixmet Goa) on below track and video - a global collaboration - Video produced by Darshan Lolienkar Prudent Media Goa
    Kixmet - Jane Maluka - mZone - Floyd Tavares - Mastermynd

    It was a pleasure being part of bridging generations, diverse cultural and musical backggrounds, and collaborate musically with young dedicated and talented musicians, as I have found each of the band members in KIXMET and above collaborators on the project.
    Read more. Watch video at YouTube
    The song is finding rapidly growing world wide recognition and receiving great reviews. After just 3 months since upload, the video has got more than 5.500 hits. Do visit and leave your comments. Big thanks for your supporting independent artists, also on behalf of all collaborators mentioned above.

  • 02 December 2009
    Jane Maluka live "Artist Talk" on Prudent Media Goa

  • I'm very pleased to present videos of my live television interview with Nikhil Pereira during my tour to Goa India this summer. Due to YouTube conditions the interview had to be split into 4 parts as below. Be invited to visit my Video Channel at YouTube to check out all vidoes to date youtube.com/malukamusic. Hope you enjoy. Comments most appreciated

    JANE MALUKA live - ARTIST TALK with Nikhil Pereira Prudent Media Goa
    part 1/4 - on Jane Maluka's own original authentic soul music and genre "WORLD SOUL" - origin of her artist name "Jane MALUKA" - influences - personal life - healing and healing through music
    part 2/4 - on her spiritual journey as a unique songwriter and human being - songwriting - being an instrument of the universe in service of humanity - on soul and soul music
    part 3/4 - on 'PEACE' and music as a world healer - inspiration through music - YOUR SONG CHILD Project and international collaborations - the struggle of being an independent and original soul artiste
    part 4/4 - feat Jane Maluka's track "WORLD NEWS" (sample) - an invitation to people in this WORLD to join hands and live in Peace as ONE WORLD - and "GO GOA" - a special composition and greeting to Goa and people in Goa.
    Don't miss out on a heartwarming and empovering message with appeal to the whole world from Nikhil Pereira on Jane Maluka, her music and destiny
    Unfortunately Jane's voice got badly affected by cold and dry studio air conditioning. Her music and message nonetheless reaching out powerful and undimished from the depths of her heart and soul

    LISTEN to "WORLD NEWS" full length at myspace.com/janemaluka and myspace.com/malukamusic Thanks for your interest and support!

  • 24 June 2009
    Jane Maluka YOUR SONG CHILD brand new Vlad Shusterman remix

  • "Jane Maluka YOUR SONG CHILD Vlad Shusterman's Sunshine in The Rain Mix" (Vlad's track title)
    "I was very excited about Jane's generous offer to remix "Your Song Child". I love the original's mellow, sun-kissed mood and tried to give it even more presence in my own reinterpretation
    The song is very gentle and soothing, yet somehow upbeat and very life-affirming: I remixed it while severely ill and felt much better afterward! I just hope I didn't ruin the latter much with my affinity for melancholic downtempo :)" - Vlad Shusterman / Jerusalem June 2009
    I am delighted being able to share and featuring at present in myspace.com/janemaluka a brand new remix of my song "Your Song Child". A all-in-one masterpiece of elegance, delicacy, borne by the vol-luminous power of subtlety - produced by my longtime dear friend songwriter and producer Vlad Shusterman in Jerusalem. The original song version can be enjoyed at myspace too
    Vlad already lent his voice to the Hebrew version of Your Song Child STORY, related to my production in progress upcoming CD "Jane Maluka & Friends - Your Song Child" - enjoy audio samples of all tracks as of date. All related to my "YOUR SONG CHILD PROJECT - A Tool To Peace The World" read project page right here
    In pipeline and to be expected later this year are videos to both Vlad's remix and the original song. Stay tuned to this page and youtube.com/malukamusic where an introduction video is waiting to catch your eye, and heart hopefully too. Thank you.

  • 08 June 2009
    Jane Maluka on MASTERMYNDGOA UNION ZAKA & Global Collaborations

  • Ref to below news post I'm pleased to announce further details and links as to Bobby John aka myspace.com/mastermyndgoa on his new international collabs UNION ZAKA album release on 29 May 2009. Some of the tracks featuring my musical work can be eared in todays' playlist in MASTERMYNDGOA's profile along other artistes referred to below. Stay tuned there for further tracks at a later date
    The UNION ZAKA project is Bobby John's brainchild - A Collaboration album uniting Indian and international artists, in which I Jane Maluka have been invited and delighted to contribute in both spoken word, song and acoustic guitar compositions
    "reinvent your mind"-bobby john // in unqiue and unprecedented ways MASTERMYND GOA marries Goan Trance with Rock and other original artists and instruments fused into what he defines as a musical marriage into "Tranzrock" and "Hipnotranz"
    The album UNION ZAKA is MASTERMYNGOA feat INDIAN ARTISTS: Vijayan Almeida (Trishul Kixmet) * Pt Ronu Majumdar * Pt Yograj Naik (Shanti) * Nikhil Bosale (Khiladi) * Michael Fernandes MZone (Rebel Pundits) * Bony Alex (Bad Apple) *** INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS: Richard Seefried AUSTRIA * Jane Maluka DENMARK * Toni Coleman (Spiral Dive) UK * Javier Lopez (Empyrica) SPAIN * Jeffrey Krieger USA * Marcio Falchet BRAZIL
    Be invited to visit my photo album "Jane Maluka In Global Collaborations" to view photos of flyers for the release event and images of great Indian press previews by Navhind Times and Herald 2Day
    My video "JANE MALUKA On MASTERMYND GOA & Global Collaborations" especially created for Bobby John at his Union Zaka Event in Goa 29 May 2009 also elaborating on global collaborations in general, can be viewed at youtube.com/malukamusic and myspace.com/janemaluka videos
    On a personal note I am very honored indeed to be reviewed as "Jane Maluka - acoustic guitar goddess from Denmark" by Nomratha Fernandes Navhind Times Goa

  • 03 June 2009
    Jane Maluka "AUMazing" and other instrumentals

  • Voila! I have decided to feature one of my solo guitar compositions in a video created to introduce the instrumental part of my musical work. Here exposed to visual images in order to picture in a simple way my backgrounds and inspiration to this guitar piece. True friendship at its best and beauty est, as I was and am blessed to experience it personally
    The amazing friendship musicianship and spirit of my dear friend the unique Musical Maestro Vijayan Almeida (Trishul KIXMET) in India inspired to this composition. Fortunately, Vijayan followed his hearts calling and traded his professional dentist drill for a guitar. Much to my gratitude he is a strong supporter not only of my musical work at large but also of my guitar playing. I am hugely honored by such profound amount of wind beneath my wings
    "AUMazing" by Jane Maluka - A Joy Celebration An Ode To True Friendship" - composition production guitar performance - jane maluka. Enjoy this piece both at YouTube or at MySpace and big thanks for leaving your comments
    Further, sample my work in progress video channel at YouTube right here youtube.com/malukamusic
    Further Jane Maluka instrumental compositions can be enjoyed at MySpace Tranquil-Eyezers profile right at this spot - Thanks for supporting my music - All Original!

  • 18 Mai 2009
    Jane Maluka heading for GOA INDIA

  • I'm excited being in intensive preparations to travelling to India for promotion purposes and recordings with Vijayan Almeida aka Trishul KIXMET . Shall be in Goa in the period as from 1 July through 2 September 2009, and building up for a concert tour later this year. Stay tuned to this page for update news
    Further, it's an honour to be in collaborations with Bobby John MASTERMYND GOA on his new international collabs UNION ZAKA album release. The release event on 29 May 2009 shall soon be announced right in this spot. Stay tuned!
    WORLD UNITING for PEACE! Thanks for your support.

  • 18 April 2009
    Download Cover Images to Jane Maluka's "Journey of DisCovery"

  • For mp3 purchases of my "Journey of DisCovery" album cover is now available as jpg images for download / print at myspace.com/janemaluka * right here. Cover page 3 illustrates briefly in overview my philosophy foundational for Peace as from my view. Be welcome to comment in photo section or myspace.com/janemaluka blog related.

  • 16 April 2009
    LYRICS & NOTES to Jane Maluka's "Journey of DisCovery" album now available!

  • Upon repeated request I'm pleased to announce that LYRICS & NOTES to my "Journey of DisCovery" album are now available for those of you purchasing the album as mp3 - copy and paste from blog at myspace.com/janemaluka
    Get it all here - Enjoy!

  • 19 February 2009
    JANE MALUKA Journey of DisCovery Album NOW! available at CD-Baby Store and iTunes!

  • Geat News! The Journey of DisCovery album is now available at CD Baby in hardcopy/mp3, and moreover as digital download at iTunes. Thanks for your support, and for leaving your review, whichever store you prefer to get my music
    JANE MALUKA: Journey of Discovery

    digital download at
    "Timeless Soulful and Fun - A rare combination of simplicity and depth. A unique edgy voice easily identifiable easy to identify with - An album that will never go out of style" by Vijayan Almeida All India Radio musician, composer, journalist aka Trishul KIXMET -
    "There are voices catching your attention, even though as I, usually underway in utterly different musical universes. Jane Maluka’s voice is one of those - The songs „I SEE YOU, I HEAR YOU“ and „WHERE YOU TURN TO“ in my opinion, qualify World Class Level and should awaken any relevant record label managers’ to be all ears" by PhD Heinz-Juergen Stolz Munich/Germany *** read latest reviews full length here

  • 04 February 2009
    NEW! promotion VIDEO

  • I'm excited having produced and being able to invite you come enjoy my first and new YOUR SONG CHILD PROJECT promo video ft NUPACHINO live in Bangkok with YSChild STORY THAI - at myspace.com/janemaluka and in blog with credits and links - Share It - tell your thai friends ! Check out Nupachino's wonderful music and videos for love peace humanity myspace.com/nupachino * youtube.com/nupachino

    it's a song for children and grown-ups
    it's a story about love compassion understanding
    it's about respect tolerance world citizen awareness

    It's about you, yours and your life too, dear visitor - Thanks for backing me up and for your interest!

  • 26 January 2009
    JANE MALUKA Journey of DisCovery CD soon available via CD-Baby

  • Thanks for all your support during the past years - now time to make it even easier for you all to buy my music! some say it's about time, well take your pick
    Hit and Get YOUR own! Journey of Discovery
    via CD Baby and Digital Distribution stores, in the blink of an eye:
    Apple iTunes * Rhapsody * eMusic * Amazon * Napster * and many more fine digital stores * sample cd info
    Stay tuned to this spot, more info coming up soon ! Thank You!

  • 22 January 2009

  • Happy to share good news and a brilliant kick-off into 2009
    The massive support and promotion of my music and work in India continues. My songs have been aired continuously in radio shows during last year. Now leading up to a tour later this year; by extraordinary work and support from the young committed and unique artist musician and journalist VIJAYAN ALMEIDA and his collaborates in India
    My music and work will be featured in a portrait live on air interview with VIJAYAN ALMEIDA @ 105.4 FM RAINBOW - All India Radio GOA - on 26 January 2009. Stay tuned who can !

    Vijayan Almeida said "The world should know about an inspiring musician like you, a story about your wonderful work is the need of the hour"
    A REMIX of Your Song Child and Your Song Child STORY- related to my YOUR SONG CHILD PROJECT upcoming CD - is in the hot fusion melting pot and magician hands of VIJAY and his musical colleague "Mastermind" aka Bobby John Be prepared for a rocking rocket ! and stay tuned for News
    Check out Vijayan Almeida and his band KIXMETs messageloaded and meaningful MUSIC at KIXMET at MySpace View KIXMET VIDEOs
    ** 911
    KIXMET booking&info email

    Thanks for your interest and support!

  • 08 November 2008
    Head and Heart for Change

  • "Head and Heart for a New World Order" ... jane maluka 08 Nov 2008

    I am hopeful for a New Age and New World Order of all-over postive change and stronger Light now to set out and descend more clearly on human consciousness - and conscience! - in man and woman all over the globe at uptempo beat and speed; since the dream of one of my big heroes Martin Luther King Jr is now manifesting more strongly than ever before, by the election of Barak Obama in the US. I was personally deeply moved to tears to see and listen to the speech of Mr Obama, a man of light, charisma and wisdom indeed
    Much work at heart and head ahead, as this Change will be taking place as a Joint Lift and Change only. The responsibilty for humanity is a team work, no one man or woman would be able to lift alone, ever. THIS CHANGE is to start IN YOU - right in this very moment - as well as in Me, as The I That is WE. Every small step of positive change in everyday life and interactions counts big
    Egotism, narcisism and ego-centered actions and activities, as are the causes leading to the sad state of world affairs longtime screaming for foundational change, shall have to be subject to Change, spells Major Transformation starting in the individual to spread on relationship and global community
    It is just not enough to push the armchair to the other side of the room or dress in a different way
    A change in octave from focus on "the getting and look-at-me-see-me-me-me" EGO attitudes Lifted to the HEART - living and acting in WE terms and heart center - the octave of considering, giving and sharing. Genuine relation- and partnership - WE Are The World!

    This world needs every drop of positive Change, we each have to offer, by call of destiny
    Let's make destiny rejoice and sing in movements, compositions and songs, yet to be heard
    Together We're Stronger!
    Thanks for visiting and reading this. Be kindly invited to visit and read my blogs at MySpace.com with Food For Thought / Jane Maluka

  • 14 October 2008
    Friends & Global Fusion * Music & Arts With Message

  • I'm delighted to be musical collaborations with my Indian friend VIJAYAN ALMEIDA KIXMET referred to in news posts of 13 March and 9 May. VIJAY contacted via my blog
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - a sad evergreen!
    with elaborations and lyrics to a song same title. As can be seen, Vijay/Kixmet and I shall be coproducing a song track. I'll keep you update right in this spot as to single release. Stay tuned
    Be invited to visit view digest and get enlightenend by the KIXMET videos END OF INNOCENCE aka Stop Pedophilia and 911 aka Did The World Really Change after 911? Do leave a comment and ratings at YouTube. KIXMET deserve maximum support, as they are out in musical mission for sake of humanity. Thank you!
    KIXMET Concerts & Info email

    MISSION FOR SAKE OF HUMANITY Same so: The works and life of my friend LEMI GHARIOKWU in Lagos/Nigeria - myspace.com/ghariokwulemi KING of COVERS and Master of the upcoming YOUR SONG CHILD CD Cover Art have been portrayed in a VIDEO report by REUTERS AFRICA JOURNAL - enjoy it here * further press on Lemi please visit Lagosindicator.com/Art
    For World Wide ARTS Exhibitions on
    - "GHARIOKWU LEMI ART'S OWN KIND - "contact & info / Lemi
    Quick overview and access to LEMIs CV, services, site here

  • 24 May 2008
    * TRANQUIL-EYEZ-ERS * FREE download summer present - EnJoy * Get Inspired

  • I created a new profile * Jane Maluka Tranquil-Eyez-Ers * with compositions expressing another side of my musicality and efforts than exposed so far. DOWNLOAD the music and get inspired! PLAY the tracks to your children, even at sibling age, and be surprised how they respond The compositions are meant to a) fascilitate an environ to come down from stress, relax and connect to own center - b) be used as background soundscapes to inspire, empower and enhance listeners of all ages to own creativity c) be used as a good-night-sweet-dreams sound story - read more
    The Children are our future, like beautiful and delicate flowers deserving our best nourishment to grow and bloom into balanced human beings. Integration of the Creative Spirit to work in congruency with the Intellect - heart and head harmony - of major importance to growing into a whole and harmonized personality
    CARE WELL FOR THE CHILDREN - and the one residing inside you, reading this - smile. THANK YOU! Peace The World - One Heart At A Time

  • 07 May 2008
    Jane Maluka features in STARS for the DAY at All India Radio (AIR) on 9 May

  • I am delighted and honored to be featured in "STARS for the DAY" at All India Radio on 9 May 2008 - A radio show hosted by my friend and collegue VIJAYAN ALMEIDA in India, who is blessing me and my work in ways, by far exceeding my wildest dreams
    All India Radio - AIR - is the biggest station in India and an official station of the Central Government of India

    Encouraged by VIJAY I sent my Journey of DisCovery CD and advance copy of my upcoming CD "Jane Maluka & Friends - Your Song Child" and press material to India, upon receipt of which Vijay responded: "amazing stuff, would you like me to play it on All India Radio? .. and now featured in a show on major radio station hosted by a likeminded spirit and artist - MIRACLES do HAPPEN ! Vijay is topping it all wanting to write a story about my music in the Rave India Magazine as mentioned in News of 13 March below - - read more

  • 25 March 2008
    Your Song Child CD & fine artist Ghariokwu LEMI "Art's Own Kind" - Destiny Continuous

  • It is pure delight and great pleasure to announce my friend & Art's Own Kind Ghariokwu LEMI from Nigeria Cover ArtWork for the upcoming "Jane Maluka & Friends - Your Song Child" CD fabulous-ly Done! Please see for yourself image below. Enjoy further examples of LEMIs unique expressive fine arts, CD-Covers and Way More! than that at myspace.com/ghariokwulemi
    Further, LEMI has contributed to the Your Song Child CD with a PIDGIN ENGLISH version of the background STORY read - featuring his sons Odafin & Tosho - that is likely bound to melt your heart, as it did mine when I received it. LISTEN and enjoy full length in LEMIs website myspace.com/ghariokwulemi and myspace.com/malukamusic - where you can enjoy same, along with other Story versions, original song version "Your Song Child" with my daughter BERIT REIMER on bass and backing vocals, as well as a slideshow with pictures of LEMI & his sons AND all other exceptional artists / people who have contributed and are part of the CD project. WORLD UNITED around PEACE LOVE UNITY - 21 languages and nationalies in one spot - read more
    LISTEN and enjoy clips of ALL CD audio material here. DO also visit my profile myspace.com/janemaluka for quick overview and access to my music and projects

    Goes without saying I feel deep and inexplicable JOY!

    Cover ArtWork by Ghariokwu LEMI

    It's been many years and Huge amounts of unpaid work and costs, yet, I feel blessed and grateful beyond words to find extraordinary world soul citizen people warmheartedly backing me up - supporting my vision and mission to unite this world in peace love and understanding, as for my humble part of creating foundations for it to happen. Still a long stretch to go, and I'll be utmost grateful for donations - PayPal fast free secure here - page bottom - sponsorships and support to finalize CD production, hardcopy multiplication, marketing, public relations support, promotion etc. BIG THANKS for your call (+45) 61 275 677 or email

  • 13 March 2008
    INDIA & KISMET (Destiny)

  • I'm excited and overjoyed to be contacted by VIJAY ALMEIDA - lead guitarist/flutist from the Indian rock progressive experimental band Kixmet and journalist with the largest Indian music magazine Rave India
    As Vijay writes "Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful music. I was really touched by your idealism and as a singer/songwriter myself I would love to join you in this endeavour to change the world with our music. As a music journalist with India's biggest music magazine RAVE, I would love to do a story about what you're doin"
    "All the best to the wonderful work you are doing with the Your Song Child Project. We would like to do our bit to help out and a story about your wonderful work is the need of the hour. Our magazine is Available in the US, UK and Austrailia in addition to India. The world should know about an inspiring musician like you!"

    Further, Vijay/Kixmet offer support with promotion of my works to event organizers in India for CONCERTS to manifest. This is not only destiny (=kismet) at work, it is prayers heard and dreams come true that my musical message and work for PEACE LOVE HUMAN RIGHTS UNITY be spread and seeds find nourishing grounds to grow around the globe
    This massive support and appreciation of my work by a young and progressive musician and songwriter and a band with spiritually based political message, evidence of genuine humanitarian concern, is both very moving and highly uplifting. Connecting and cooperating with likeminded spirits and artists are great gifts on my musical journey for sake of humanity

    The more so, as my music and projects have been largely met with ignorance and arrogance - at times even ridicule - in my current home country Denmark, both by musicians, fellow artists, venues, record labels and media. As a mature non-conformative independent artist in an increasingly mainstreamed and conform world, also musically - financially so far un-supported - Vijay's mesages have come as divine blessings, and shining light in times of huge challenges. This is uplifting wind beneath my wings and fuel to my spirit. I'm deeply moved and grateful.
    Stay tuned to this page for further developments

  • 25 February 2008 - Your Song Child Project CD
    Etleva Hima-Buli from Albania/USA and Nupachino from Thailand are with us!

  • UNITE-ing the World in the Your Song Child Project CD continues! Oh Happy News indeed! 20 international artists gathered in UNITY. I am grateful how global support to this project is growing and my intensive efforts to find, handpick and invite artists wishing to join bearing beautiful fruit. Thus it is my heartfelt pleasure being able to introduce and welcome two further exceptional artists and STORY tellers into the CD Family

    a lovely lady, musician and classical violinist of excellency has blessed the YSCProject CD with an Albanian version. Etleva has been an outstanding friend and supporter to my work and the Your Song Child Project, having top featured both my MySpace profile and the above YSCProject Banner in her profile right from day one I had this banner ready. What a blessing this wonderful woman still is to my efforts. Etleva's albanian husband Eldri Buli has kindly taken care of recordings. Please visit Etleva's music site and get blown away by enormous powers and performances by such delicate Lady. Take my word for it. Enjoy Etleva Hima-Buli at MySpace

    NUPACHINO - The World Rock from Bangkok
    "Love at first sight" Nupachino spontaneously accepted my invitation to join. Within 4 days I had a Thai version of the STORY in the house. In spoken word performance and text translation, along with other material needed for websites implementation and promotion. I've been blown away by Nupachinos reactions and lightening speed deliverance. Nupachino is a world soul indeed, his creative spirit and musical diversity a world fusion of influences sounding out of his intrinsic and multi-colour compositions. World Thai sound food Rocking both ears and hearts. Sample here Nupachino World Fusion Rock at MySpace. It has been delightful to connect and cooperate with a genuine and warmhearted personality, spiritually aware artist, and a large humanitarian heart. read STORY Thai

    Enjoy audio clips of STORY Albanian and Thai along with all other audio material available to the CD as of date here - the sounds of 21 (twenty-one) international and multi-ethnic contributors so far. More in pipeline, so stay tuned to this page!

    As an outro, I feel like sharing a message from Nupachino that moved my heart deeply and further empower continuation of my human-ity work despite hardship and struggle. I still pray for financial and practical support come my way, as there is loads of work, costs and investments involved in a project like this, and seeing it all through to final CD release. Thanks for getting in touch! (+45) 48 262 431 email

    "Dear Jane. I've told my little grandson to say good night to your picture on myspace page. Now he knows you who will help make the better world for him. Please keep in touch my friend. Yours Nupachino"

  • 23 January 2008 - Your Song Child Project CD
    AM Akoyi aka Mad Ice from Finland and Benon Lipowski from New Work/Poland on board

  • I'm happy and delighted being able to announce and introduce two further wonderful persons and artists in the Your Song Child Project CD

    AM AKOYI aka MAD ICE - Finland/Uganda
    a multiple talented and charismatic young artist - has recorded and blessed the YSCProject CD with a Swahili version of the "Your Song Child". Mad Ice voice is soulful, sensitive, powerful and expressive all at the same time; a divine cocktail. Moreover, Madi is a young humble man in ways that prove his human size in midst of growing international success with his musical efforts. Genuine greatness needs no showing off or pretentions. On top of all that Madi is a warm and wise human being blessing me with his friendship. Listen to clip of his Your Song Child_Swahili version. Further enjoy Madi's multi-facet musicianship, songs and performances at MySpace.com and his main website madice.net

    BENON LIPOWSKI - New York/Poland
    is a warmhearted, outstanding and helpful friend beyond words. Not much talking as I know him, DO-ING! now that makes for human size and somebody making a difference. His forte is both in human actions and support And sublime guitarplaying with my partner Kaleta's band ZoZo Afrobeat Go listen and you'll be left with no choice but feeling Benon's powers, size and expressions in guitarplaying on songs and videos featured in the ZoZo Afrobeat profile. Benon spontaneously accepted my invitation and blessed the YSCProject CD with a Polish version of the STORY (read) - listen to Benon here - Check Benon out at his main website benon.org

  • 09 Jan 2008 - BENIN Mon Coeur ...

  • I have posted a blog BENIN Mon Coeur... and invite you to read and know more about my passion and heart for BENIN and Afrika * A tour to BENIN with my Your Song Child Project is in the planning
    Feel free to email me - or my partner * KALETA - share thoughts, feelings, and ideas as to ways of supporting the People of Benin further towards a life in dignity for all
    We encourage and appreciate sponsors and co-organizers to contact us: Jane Maluka in Denmark (+45) 48 262 431 email
    or Kaleta in New York (+1) 212 5923 523 email THANK YOU in advance for your support!

  • 04 Januar 2008 ** HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Heartfelt thanks for your interest in my music and projects. I am delighted to realize growing international recognition of my work in general and massive moral support to my Your Song Child Project The above YSCProject Banner is featured in many profiles/websites of people and artists all over the globe. Obviously sincerely concerned about world state of affairs and longing for a more righteous balanced peaceful and tolerant world, as much as I do. Growing number of profiles/websites even featuring the Your Song Child Project banner in their *HERO* section, by which I am humbled and honored
    Thank you again very much * Concert Bookings * Purchase of music and donations to support my work are highly appreciated and welcomed PayPal Donations are fast - free - secure. On behalf of my colleagues and Self, Big Thanks for awareness of supporting independent artists, as most of us have no major capital behind the back to pay our costs, work, investments

    Curio-Sum 2008 Curriculum Futurum Est

    Where genuine & heartfelt LOVE ACTS and PREVAILS
    There shall BE PEACE * Let's make it Happen!

  • 23 November 2007
    Your Song Child Project CD - HIROKO ARA from Japan joins

  • I'm delighted to share wonderful news! Most beautiful lady and artist HIROKO ARA from Japan - Kantele player (finnish string instrument) composer and musician - has added her sweetness voice to the CD in final production stages. Hear for yourself - Hiroko Ara in Japanese audio clip alongside 17 international storyversions already available. Visit Hiroko's profile at MySpace, enjoy her divine compositions and playing Hiroko Ara
    Hiroko is very appreciative of the Your Song Child Project and my philosophy behind it. Her spirit is beautiful, full of Light, with the magnificence of a Japanese flower. I am blessed to count Hiroko amongst friends in my life

    Please visit Your Song Child View pictures of all artists/friends involved, with links to their websites, credits, philosophy; all relevant info. You'll further find friends/artists involved featured and accessible via my profile feature 'TOP FRIENDS' at myspace.com/janemaluka Each and every one in the CD I hold close and dear in heart; handpicked for their beauty and uniqueness, both as artists and as human beings.

  • 23 Sept 2007
    Jane Maluka blog

  • In case you wish to know more about my work, and gain a deeper insight of what I contain, stand for and what makes me tick, I am frequently sharing thoughts - feelings - poetry and universal matters of my heart in the blog feature available in my profile at myspace.com/janemaluka
    In case of interest please read Jane Maluka blogs and feel free to email me with comments. Those relevant for public sharing, I shall be happy to post in the blogs or in my guestbook, as time allows. Please specify where you'd wish to see your comment implemented
    Respectful open DIALOGUE & COMMUNICATION I consider utmost important tools to Uniting People in Peace Tolerance Understanding! Heartfelt Thanks for visiting my websites, and for your interest in my work!

  • 22 September 2007
    Your Song Child Project CD - Ramy Sayead Aziziah from Qatar joins

  • I'm overjoyed to announce that the amazingly talented young guitarist composer and multi-instrumentalist Ramy Aziziah has donated one of his classical compositions "Silver Line Destiny" as his version of Your Song Child Project-STORY. Apart from audio clip in download Visit Ramy's profile at MySpace and enjoy full length Silver Line Destiny
    Ramy (Syria born Qatar resident) requested friendship at MySpace.com. I was blown away by his excellency in mastering his guitar ranging from classical to metal and everything in between. Ramy and his guitar came across to me born-as-one inseparable twins in videos featured in his profile
    Struck by his Silver Line Destiny, I am grateful that Ramy has warmly accepted my invite to join the YSCProject CD familiy. Ramy considers the Your Song Child Project "wonderful, unique, and whole new idea"
    I am Delighted! With further storytellers in pipeline from NIGERIA/G Lemi * UGANDA/Tshila * ZIMBABWE/Wizzy Mangoma * INDONESIA-AUSTRALIA/Tommee * JAPAN/Hiroko Ara * SIERRA LEONE/Bai Kamara Jr * MALAWI/Kid Mkandawire - we are now 20 nationalities and languages united in the YSCProject CD
    View pictures references and credits in link above. Further, You'll find friends/artists mentioned featured and accessible in my profile feature 'TOP FRIENDS' at myspace.com/janemaluka Each and every one in the CD I hold close and dear in heart; handpicked for their beauty and uniqueness. Visit their profiles and work, and see/hear for yourself

  • 18 July 2007
    Willie Nelson Peace Research Institue (pri) invites to join Peace intitiative

  • I've been approached by Jay from the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute to record a version of Willie Nelsons song "A Peaceful Solution". Check out their sites: pri and pri MySpace.com Upon negotiations I agreed to record and join with own original version based Willie Nelsons song and initiative, as I work with own original material only
    My version of Willie Nelsons 'A Peaceful Solution' shall be added to the pri-site, once I can squeeze in time to work on it and submit it to the pri team. Stay tuned to this page for news
    My own contributions to peaceful solutions, aka Maluka Move*ment for Peace and Positive Changes can be found in All work, Projects, Poetry and Songs as can be seen, heard and read about in this site as well as in my profile at MySpace.com Here, you can listen to a few of my songs full length, further clips in download
    The songs 'Peace The World' - 'Your Song Child' and 'Your Song Child Story' (related to my YSCProject ) may be considered representative of where I am coming from and my contributions to Peace Creating Tools - Ways and Visions for Humanity, as from my heart and perspectives.

  • 05 July 2007
    ArtWork by Ghariokwu LEMI

  • I am pleased to be in collaboration with Ghariokwu LEMI to introduce and promote his unique creative talents and ArtWorks Be kindly invited to check and consider his services as to
    * CD Cover Art/Design * BOOK Cover/Illustration * POSTER Design * FLYERS * GREETING Cards * TEE SHIRT Art * PORTRAITs * PAINTINGs * CUSTOM CAR ArtWork
    email LEMI phone Lagos (+234) 1 761 64 68 cell (+234) 803 296 57 44
    Kindly refer to Jane Maluka. Thanks!
    LEMI is a Graphic/Fine Artist, Cover Designer Illustrator Poet and Songwriter - As a specialist with decades of expertise in the field LEMI has designed thousands of CD/Album-Covers - amongst them numerous album covers for Nigerian musician and political activist Fela Kuti - The Father of AfroBeat His work focuses on political critique, humanitarian issues, comical and erotic themes and has been exhibited in institutions incl the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York,the Barbican Gallery, London, and is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of the Judith Rothschild collection - just to name a few examples of LEMIs creative diversity and exposures G. LEMI C/V

  • 23 June 2007
    Your Song Child Project CD - More Storytellers - NEW Audio Samples Up

  • Further countries Now on the Your Song Child Project CD World Map
    I am very happy to share the Good News that Copenhagen resident Brazilian composer, bandleader, percussionist José Carlos II has joined the CD project, translated and spoken the Your Song Child Project-STORY in Spanish and Portuguese and furthermore the beautiful Italian Lady singer/songwriter Marilena Catapano has blessed the project with her lovely voice and presence, translation, recording and speaking the YSCP-STORY in Italian
    I am both delighted and grateful for the world wide support from artists and friends, thus being able to Unite and implement 13 languages into the YSCProject CD - Song & Story Audio Samples
    Stay tuned to this page for news

  • 01 June 2007
    Your Song Child Project CD - Special Edition period expired

  • New Version Coming Up Soon in world fusion recording of the song "Your Song Child" with KALETA leon ligan-majek and CD cover art & graphic design by Ghariokwu LEMI both artists Friends & Joint Venture Partners
    Moreover, further versions of the YSCProject-STORY in pipeline. Exciting how we'll be able to cover a considerable part of Mother Earth as to nationalities represented & languages available on the CD. YSCProject CD info - Song & Story Audio Samples
    Stay tuned to this page for news

  • 24 May 2007
    Nigerian Fine Artist Ghariokwu LEMI New Joint Venture Partner

  • I'm delighted to introduce my new joint venture partner Ghariokwu LEMI from Lagos/Nigeria LEMI is a Graphic/Fine Artist, Cover Designer Illustrator Poet and Songwriter - as a specialist with decades of expertise in the field LEMI has designed hundreds of CD-Covers - amongst them numerous album covers for Nigerian musician and political activist Fela Kuti - The Father of AfroBeat His work focuses on political critique, comical and erotic themes and has been exhibited in institutions incl the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York,the Barbican Gallery, London, and is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of the Judith Rothschild collection
    LEMI spontaneously added the Your Song Child Project Banner to his profile - and addressed me via my MySpace with an invitation to collaborations on Music & Arts and to setting up a Your Song Child Project Tour to Nigeria Further, I'm very happy to share the Good News that LEMI spontaneously agreed to do artwork and cover design for the final version of the YSCProject CD A blessing indeed and I'm very excited to continue a fruitful cooperation and inspiring co-creative friendship, as it were
    We have a joint project "U-n-I-ted U-n-I-verse" in state of pregnancy. It will be unprecedented experience. Stay tuned for news
    Check out a most impressive and expressive selection of LEMIs artwork and covers for Fela Kuti at www.myspace.com/ghariokwulemi An enlightening eye-opening and colourful journey of discovery indeed

  • 03 May 2007
    Your Song Child Project - Donations

  • Acting upon friendly suggestions I have decided opening up to the possibility of donations to support my global efforts for Universal Love Peace Human Rights Healing perspectively being the intention and foundation for all activities in life, music and projects I am called to pursue
    As an independent non-conformative artist with a humanitarian heart in a capitalistic world, every dollar/krone/euro/pound counts to my ensure my survival, payment of costs, and work continued
    Therefore, I am very grateful for any amount paid into the paypal account created for this purpose
    Your name and country (other details shall not exposed or shared in any way, to ensure and respect your privacy) will be given credits at the bottom of the page Your Song Child in the company of artists and friends with a heart and concern for humanity, who have sponsored their voices to the Your Song Child Project CD
    Thank You Very Much!
    Another way of supporting my work, and at the same time getting the benefit of what the Your Song Child Project CD has to offer (please click the above Your Song Child link for info) is to Buy the Your Song Child Project CD

  • 03 May 2007
    Come My Way - Free Download

  • I have decided to put the track "Come My Way" from the CD Journey of DisCovery up for free download off my profile at MySpace.com ***
    CD reviews
    An artist at broadjam. com reviewed the song as follows
    "original - unique - interesting arrangement"
    Feel free to go for it - hope you NJoy!

    If so thanks a lot for letting me know...

  • 02 May 2007
    Your Song Child Project featured in Blog in the USA

  • I am very happy and grateful to share that my intensive promotion efforts are bearing fruit and my musical work and projects getting increased international recognition
    Singer Songwriter Environmentalist and Humanist Patty Ann Smith from USA - a sweet Lady and 'old hippie' collegue ;-) - contacted me at MySpace and enquired to feature the Your Song Child Project and the YSCP-Story (GB) in particular in her Blog Hope4America Please visit, read and listen to Patty Ann and her outstanding work for humanity and Mother Earth at MySpace.com and PattyAnnSmith.com

  • 01 May 2007
    Partnership & Collaboration - Your Song Child Project

  • Partners / Partnership Way Minded Team-workers for the
    Your Song Child Project - a Tool To Peace The World - a Musical Journey into Humanity
    Concerts - in Cross Cultural Cooperation - World Wide

    please be invited to join us - I Jane Maluka in Denmark please call (+45) 48 262 431 and my joint venture partner Kaleta leon ligan-majek in New York please call (+1) 212 5923 523
    project info
    On Your Actions Shall We Know You...
    Please do only contact us if you are seriously interested, and your actions reflect your words, unquestioned
    Thanks for respecting our time and work
    Pro/Active persons interested in collaborating, project building, project support in mature team spirit and co-responsibility ...
    "co-drivers" be warmly and heartily welcomed! vision
    Your Song Child Project Tour to Benin / Westafrica
    SPONSORS - FUND RAISERS - COLLABORATORS for pre-tour organisation team - realizing the value and importance of cross-cultural collaboration for an improved, more righteous world order - and with a heart for Africa, thanks a lot in advance for getting in touch!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • 14 March 2007
    The Journey of DisCovery CD now available via PayPal

  • The Journey of DisCovery CD is now available for purchase via PayPal - listen & buy here listen to 3 songs full length at MySpace.com
    "soothing voice & music" - "a healing experience" read reviews

  • 02 March 2007
    Your Song Child Story - DeeJay C4 mix Jane Maluka

  • I'm delighted to announce that African United DeeJays (AUDJs) own DeeJay C4 has made a cool mix of my version of the Your Song Child Project-Story in English
    C4 has added soft rhythms and beats in the background
    DeeJay C4 is Nigeria born now USA resident. An aware and committed young world citizen raising his voice in the name of humanity. Visit his profile at MySpace check out his work and listen to his Your Song Child Story Mix DeeJay C4

  • 02 March 2007
    PayPal to buy Your Song Child Project CD

  • You can get this unique CD Now - safe payment via PayPal
    please visit pages "Your Song Child" and "Download" for info & easy purchase via PayPal - Go for It !
    You don't wanna miss out on 12 Nationalities United in Common Ground and Joint Philosophy
    Thank You so much for supporting my friends' and my work and efforts for Universal Love Peace Human Rights Healing

  • 01 March 2007
    Mails to domain janemaluka.com now working again

  • Problems with receiving mails to my domain janemaluka.com since 31 Jan 07 now solved.
    Kindly resend any mails you might have sent to me during that period, and been wondering you didn't hear from me, found your mails bouncing or keep getting delivery failure notice. Obviously, I do wish to keep up with you! Responding to relevant mails goes without saying. Am truly Sorry for any inconvenience caused by technical problems. Thanks for your understanding. Looking forward to hearing from you / Jane

  • 22 Feb 2007
    Coley Presswood joins Your Song Child Project

  • I'm delighted to announce that the outstanding young photographer
    Coley Presswood from South Carolina USA has offered to support and document the Your Song Child Project and Tour to Benin in Nov-Dec 2007 with his unique eye and talents. Check some of his pictures and artwork out here Coley Presswood

  • 12 Dec 2006
  • signed sealed delivered
  • available from 01 January 2007
  • for limited period of time only
  • including the song Your Song Child and the Your Song Child Project Story spoken by 12 native tongue storytellers
  • slimcase - special made edition - 4-page leaflet in English w story lyrics references
  • further languages of the Story available from this website to copy and paste - check music for references
  • Jane Maluka                 Denmark
  • Berit Reimer                 Germany
  • Benneth Reimer            Germany
  • Kaleta<leon ligan-majek>  Benin/Nigeria/New York
  • Ingrid Korning              Sweden
  • Janis Haves                  England
  • Serge-David Zoueme   Benin
  • Herbert Houngnibo      Benin
  • Ashish Sankrityayan    India
  • Ingrid van de Kamp     Holland
  • Vlad Shusterman         Israel
  • Jalal Geilani                Saudi Arabia/England
  • DeeJay C4                    Nigeria/USA
  • CD info  w links to song, storytellers, lyrics, story & philosophy
  • ***************************************************************


    • 04 Nov 06 - Kaleta <leon ligan-majek> ZoZo Afrobeat <link
    • I am delighted to announce that Kaleta  (link to kaletamusic.com) from Benin/New York (former lead guitarist with Fela Kuti,King Sunny Ade ao West African artists raising their voice in the name of human rights and humanity) will be supporting the
    • Your Song Child Tour to Benin as well as blessing the
    • Your Song Child Project CD with his voice, guitar, percussions, storytelling yoruba
    • Further Joint Venture projects to be announced early 2007 - stay tuned
    • These good news mean some delay in final CD release...yet,
    • Good things come to those who can wait :-)
    • Stay tuned for news
    • Check pictures and info here 
    • 11 Oct 06 - The Your Song Child Map          
    • now includes 10 native tongue storytellers!  ... more in pipeline
    • It's a great pleasure and blessing to welcome Israel, Holland and Cameroon into Your Song Child Project
    • Vlad Shusterman musician & composer from Israel translating and speaking Your Song Child Story in Hebrew.
    • Ingrid van de Kamp speaking the Dutch version 
    • Leon van de Kamp Dutch translation and recording
    • Listen to audio clips
    • United People*Together We're Stronger
    • Listen to the song Your Song Child  full length
    • Links to Your Song Child Story & audio clips storytellers
    • Your Song Child CD 
    • expected ready for sale within a few months, to purchase from this website. Check back in or add me to list to receive mail notification
    • including the song + and background story spoken by 10 native tongue storytellers (more in pipeline)
    • Jane Maluka               Denmark
    • Berit Reimer               Germany
    • Benneth Reimer         Germany
    • Ingrid Korning            Sweden
    • Janis Haves                England
    • Serge-David Zoueme  Benin
    • Herbert Houngnibo     Benin
    • Ashish Sankrityayan   India
    • Ingrid van de Kamp    Holland
    • Vlad Shusterman        Israel
    • An extraordinary present
    • for X-mas, birthdays, baptisms or as an all-in-one
    • Tune Your Heart & Ears gift at all occasions & all ages
    • 13 Sept 06 - India on the map!          
    • of Your Song Child Story (music) - I'm pleased to introduce the Indian dhrupad singer Ashish Sankrityayan (www.dhrupad.info) among storytellers on the Your Song Child CD, as we have now recorded a Hindi version
    • 10 Sept 06 - Profile MySpace.com
    • Alternative profile for quick view and listening to songs now accessible at  www.myspace.com/janemaluka
    • 29 August 06 - Your Song Child Story
    • now in 7 languages. View pictures and listen to audio clip of the song "Your Song Child" in the new page storytellers For reference to story check music
    • 19 August 06 - Your Song Child Concert - featuring artists from Benin
    • I'm very pleased being able to feature the Beninese rap group "2S2D" - raising their voice to fight poverty in Benin and Africa - in future Your Song Child Concerts in Cotonou. Concerts in other major cities will feature artists related to the specific city and area
    • For "2S2D" info and audio read featured artists  
    • 08 August 06 - Oh Happy Day - Grandchild # 2
    • Jonna Mattis - another beautiful and brave girl joins us. Her voice sounds promising...
    • 28 July 06 - Your Song Child Concert - featuring artists from Benin
    • I'm happy to share the good news that the director of the Beninese childrens choir "Les Choeurs d'enfant du Benin" has agreed for the choir to add their voices to Your Song Child in concerts and perspectively also in joint venture new recordings of the song with Beninese artists/band. Our continued work is subject to raising of necessary funds and sponsors - sharing our vision for the benefit of children and women in Benin. In case of interest please contact: Jane Maluka  or my partners in Benin  Serge-David Zoueme  Herbert E T Houngnibo
    • 06 July 06 - Your Song Child Project - Africa
    • Benin Ambassador in Denmark, Mr Zacharie Richard Akplogan was introduced to project and CD by Herbert Tauye Houngnibo and Serge-David Zoueme during a meeting at the Benin Embassy in Copenhagen.
    • The Ambassador is very interested and has invited me for project discussions, to which I'm looking very much forward / Jane Maluka
    • 01 July 06 - Your Song Child Project - Africa
    • Voices from Benin West Africa speak story  project
    • 15 July - radio Atlantic FM Cotonou - music & artist introduction by Serge-David Zoueme
    • 22 July - radio Atlantic FM Cotonou - live on air interview on with Serge-David Zoueme
    • 29 July - radio Atlantic FM Cotonou - live on air interview on with Serge-David Zoueme
    • Miracles do happen it's prayers heard that I was blessed to connect with Serge-David Zoueme and Herbert Tauye from Cotonou/Benin during the African Couleur Festival in Copenhagen. Heartfelt thanks to Herbert and Serge-David for approaching me with openness, face and eyes all smiling, and genuine interest. Both gentlemen are professional journalists. They spontaneously decided to support the project and speak the story in Fongbe and French
    • In a bonding meeting Serge-David and Herbert indicated sincere interest in my music, philosophy and projects, Your Song Child Project in particular, stating they'll work on foundations for setting up a Your Song Child Concert and Storytelling Tour to Benin, and other West African countries. I'm much looking forward to fruitful cooperation with two wonderful openminded persons from Africa. Very important: they have great sense of humour
    • Serge-David, Herbert and I shall be very grateful for any ideas, practical help and funds to support the Your Song Child Project for the benefit of children in Benin and West Africa. Please contact Jane - mails to Serge-David and Herbert can be sent to me and will be passed on right away
    • Herbert E T Houngnibo  journalist specialized in politics and head of information at Cotonou daily newspaper La Presse du Jour
    • Serge-David Zoueme  journalist specialized in arts and culture. Working at Cotonou daily newspaper Le Nokoue, making periodical reports for radio Arzeke FM, and in charge host of a weekly programme at radio Atlantic FM, focus on arts, culture, events and artist on air exposures. The broadcast covers large areas beyond Cotonou
    • e na ce nu we /Jane Maluka  stay tuned
    • 07 June 06 - Guestbook - new option
    • please feel free to share your comments, thoughts, ideas in my guestbook. It is highly appreciated. Thank you very much for taking the time
    • 03 June 06 - Come My Way
    • original...unique  - song review by an artist at broadjam.com from Connecticut/USA about Come My Way - That's wind behind my sails...Thank You very much!
    • Listen to full length of song and read lyrics at broadjam.com  - search: Jane Maluka - click on song title to read lyrics 
    • 21 May 06 - Your Song, Child Project CD
    • the search for native speakers as storytellers of background story inspired by a beautiful tale about an African tribe now concluded, for project to proceed. As my humble bit of contribution to respectful dialogue and in the hopes of planting seeds to increased tolerance & understanding so urgently needed these days, I have wished to present the story by multiple nationalities and languages in the native sound of voices onto the cd (audio clips - philosophy) -as well as in education material, and perspectively, it is my sincere wish being able to support a help-for-selfhelp project for children in Africa by 10% of net profits from sales of cd, and events related to the project
    • I'm sorry having to realize that despite intensive efforts, unfortunately, it has not been possible to find an African artist willing to speak the story as representative for Africa. It would have been lovely to implement an African voice, too
    • update 8 march 06  - Your Song Child
    • Jane Maluka's song in podcast at Angelic Records http://www.angelicmusic.co.uk/radio.html
    • february 2006  website launch
    • Jane Maluka's "Your Song, Child Project" is universally warmly welcomed and appreciated. Currently, promotion activities for a fair deal publishing contract for the cd are pending. If you are interested please contact     
    • Jane Maluka  for project info please check music and project&philosophy

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