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Jane Maluka Partner Serge-David Zoueme


I'm Serge-David ZOUEME and professional journalist in Benin press. I have about seven years of experience in this carrier I embraced in 1999.  I started my first experience in journalism with a private weekly newspaper called " Hebdo l'Avenir". After two years, I have been solicited by the first private daily newspaper in Benin known as " Le Matin". But since 2005, I have been engaged by a new private daily newspaper titled " Le NokouĂ©". I write on politic, social and cultural issues. I took part to several workshops organized in Benin and even abroad. The purpose is to increase my knowledge and enhance my level in journalism.

Besides this daily job, I deal with a weekly program on "Atlantic FM" radio station. The reason on life of this program is to help Benin's artists even those coming from abroad to make themselves known by the public. They could present to this public their albums, Cd, songs and even the projects they are planing for the futur. It could be concerts, spectacles or any kind of manifestations. This program is unique and lovely followed by people.

Academic experience After my bachelor degree, I spent four years in english department of the national University of Benin. I learnt there english, option: Linguistic. But now, I'm planing to follow a course for one year in communication so as to receive a DESS degree.

Vision later on, I really want to create a communication Agency or a radio station in Benin. Simply because I want to lead people to express freely their view or opinion in an environment made up of injustice, poverty...

My feelings It's to build - if I'm powerful a gigantic area where people are free - an environment where people think in terms of peace and equality. In one word, an environment where a bit of bread could be shared by a lot people who are still suffering. I want to learn more so as to be useful to my community. And I think that with kind of people like me, we will do a lot together. Jane Maluka, a female artist and "kind Mami" I encounter at Hillerod in Denmark has started doing in this way.

I think it's all I could share now with you. For an eventual contact, this is my adress:

ZOUEME Serge-David
05 Bp 1800 Cotonou, Benin
Tel: (+229) 97 88 29 48

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