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World Children Are World Future

  • The inspiration to the song Your Song Child and to the Your Song Child Project is born out of my own motherhood - the announcement of upcoming grandmotherhood and having been deeply touched by the story about the African tribe - a traditional passed on in griot tradition I chose to 'adopt' and rewrite for my project; named it Your Song Child STORY*
    More to the point It All Chose Me - along with my heartfelt care and concern about the children of this world. It is my awesome grandson Benneth pictured in these pages

    I HAVE A DREAM- I carry in my heart an unquencable fire and hope of a better world - intentions to inspiring and planting seeds to keeping in mind the beauty, uniqueness, love and light in the heart of every child born into this world no matter where - to caring for them accordingly
    It is my sincere wish that we shall remember to sing the song FOR the childen and ABOUT the children. It is my vision to provide a universal tool for genuine love, respect and understanding. To fascilitate foundations for sustainable PEACE in this world.- Together We Are Stronger -

    The Your Song Child Project Album
    A Jane Maluka Brain Child and Vision: "People Unite for A World United As ONE in Peace Love Harmony" roots production to which the following wonderful people sponsored their voices and creativity in audio and visual

    Jane Maluka
    Project Masteress, Initiator and Executive Producer
    - vocals, acoustic guitars, music lyrics arrangements, translations, storytelling, recordings, production

    Benneth Reimer - baby voice, universal story

    Berit Reimer - Jane's daugther - bass, backing vocals, storytelling German

    Kaleta (leon ligan-majek) - Yoruba translation, storytelling, co-production of crossover world fusion version of the song Your Song Child

    Benon Lipowski - recording Yoruba version, Polish storytelling translation recording

    Janis Haves -  storytelling English

    Geoff Haves - recording English Version 

    Ingrid Korning -  Swedish translation, storytelling 

    Serge-David Zoueme - French translation, storytelling

    Herbert Euloge Tauyé Houngnibo - Fongbe translation, storytelling

    Ashish Sankrityayan - Hindi translation, storytelling

    Ingrid van de Kamp - storytelling Dutch

    Leon van de Kamp - Dutch translation, recording

    Vlad Shusterman - Hebrew translation, storytelling, recording
    Production YOUR SONG CHILD Vlad Shusterman Mix

    Jalal Geilani - Arabic translation, storytelling

    Sara Smith - recording Arabic version

    DeeJay C4 - C4 Jane Maluka Mix background rhythms to YSCP-Story English version w. Jane Maluka

    José Carlos II - Portuguese and Spanish translations and storytelling

    Ramy Sayead Aziziah "Riding The Silence" - Silver Line Destiny - Instrumental

    Hiroko Ara - Japanese translation & storytelling

    Toru Ogiyanagi - Japanese recording

    Lemi Ghariokwu - CD Cover Art - storytelling Pidgin English

    AM Kakoyi aka Mad Ice - performance translation production Your Song Child-Swahili version

    Mikko Hentunen - guitar Your Song Child-Swahili version

    Benjamin Nyman - bass engineering recording Your Song Child-Swahili version

    Etleva Hima-Buli - Albanian translation & storytelling

    Eldri Buli - Albanian translation & recording

    Nupachino - Thai translation, storytelling, recording

    Odafin & Tosho Ghariokwu - intro Pidgin Engl story w Ghariokwu LEMI

    Odafin Ghariokwu - model to CD Cover Art by Ghariokwu LEMI

    Bobby John aka MasterMynd Goa - Your Song Child Story Mastermynd Trance Mix


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    by means of music & words - music considered a key and door opener to people's attention - offering to children, parents and human communities the opportunity of heightened awareness as to individual identity, growth and intersocial concern. Universally as a means to overall respectful interaction as global world citizens in multiethnic societies

    - an inspiration to basic heart centered education from point of pregnancy & birth

    - music as message transmitting language without limitations as to age gender nationality

    - an invitation to the building of loving accepting and respectful communities

    © Jane Maluka

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