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Matters of the Heart :  Love - Peace - Human Rights
are the tenors of what'll you find in here - and my visions of how to be part of creating a more loving, compassionate, and peaceful world

quiet songs with strong feelings - a voice with power, strength and a large personnal commitment
- Hansen/Gaffa in Nov. 2004 . gaffa.dk

it's balm for the soul flowing out of the speakers
- Hannes Soenmetz, custom percussion builder, Germany

It was an angel singing for us tonigt - I'm not able to grasp how it's possible but I feel a deep, warm and genuine love emanating from Jane's voice -
- Erik Zeidler (1923-2006) usui reiki healer master, MBA foreign affairs, Denmark - See full review

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Soulfully Jane - by Priya Almeida feat in Navhind Times Goa, India

I am Jane Maluka, a Danish Artist, Musician, Visionary, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. World Peace Activist. Humanitarian. A World Soul
Singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer, poet, producer, inspired and inspirational speaker and more
An independent artist sharing my gift in Healing Arts ie Music, Poetry, Writings, Visuals, Inspirationals
Born in Denmark in 1952, baptized Jane M Rasmussen, considering myself a world citizen co-responsible for the world conditions we are sharing

Since enlightenment experiences in1988 ff called committed to service of humanity, and inspired to writing my own JANE MALUKA ORIGINAL BRAND of music - I decided to call

JANE MALUKAs WORLD SOUL MUSIC with hooklines about

* Love, peace, human rights
* Tolerance and understanding
* World citizen awareness
* Personal, universal and global health and wellness

in the hopes and spiritual calling to inspiring and planting seeds to heightened awareness about self and others as co-responsible creators of the world we're all part of manifesting

My songs and music reflect my work combining healing sound rhythm and consciousness - Body Mind Soul

Having had to flee with my children from violence and rape and being exposed to kidnapping and loss of my kids at the age of 9 and 4, death threats, years of court cases in two countries, lifelong consequenses - knowing feelings of pain, resentment and wish for revenge. To me
war is not the answer

Personal experience, a heart for humanity, nature, Mother Earth, the world we are sharing, and indignation against today's growing polarization between rich and poor every-where - intolerance, inhuman conditions, injustice, altogether deliver the fuel for my songwriting

It is the Music, faith in the Good, Universal Love but most of all a conscious choice to rising above playing the victim role. Consequently a committed taking charge to intensive Self healing and growth work that saved my life and sanity.

My albums
"JANE MALUKA - Journey of DisCovery" released in 2004 cdbaby.com/cd/maluka CD & mp3
"JANE MALUKA - YOUR SONG CHILD" in 2010 cdbaby.com/cd/janemaluka mp3
and "JANE MALUKA - WORLD NEWS" single MP3 in 2011 cdbaby.com/cd/janemaluka2
- are evidence of this journey.
As shall all songs and albums released hereafter, be lyrical and musical evidence of my spiritual calling, journey and insights.

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I hope you will be inspired and enjoy the
Journey of DisCovery

Peace The World
Jane Maluka

Song appetizer feat is
Jane Maluka - I See You I Hear You
Journey of DisCovery album. Buy

"..I had this song on repeat at least 15 times right after I received and first listened to the CD. Very touching and the guitar playing unique with its own special rhythmic style.."
- Paul Kouatchou, singer-songwriter, reggae musician, cmr/uk



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