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  • FREE Your Creative Voice
  • Your Song Child
  • InterActive Voice & Sound Healing
  • Special Workshops designed upon request
  • practical tools for use in everyday life
  • express yourself freely
  • your creative and unique voice
  • free yourself from limiting conditionings
  • enhance your own power and creative potentials
  • make space for more joy in your life

tools offering the opportunity of finding your own authentic expression be it song music lyrics poetry dance or other  


workshops for private/companies/other organizers/   according to organizer’s request


Enquiries about special arrangements please contact Jane Maluka Info



Your Creative Voice

addresses anybody wanting to discover more about their own creative voice and power and being sincerely interested in personal growth


groups: all women/all men/mixed-according to organizer’s request


Your Song, Child

addresses pregnant women and fathers to be to discover the unique song of their unborn child - for inspiration, background philosophy and song please check  music  Your Song, Child Project   audio clips


groups: women and child fathers/women and female friends-according to organizer’s request



workshop basics:

music rhythms dance movement vocal pratices meditation group and individual work


exercises that will expand your musical and creative resources and fascilitate enhanced connection to your own inner voice and power. Ways to synchronize and balance feminine & masculine qualities inherent in and available to every woman and man (enhancing and synchronizing left- and right brain aspects)



no special prerequisites needed to join the workshops apart from the sincere wish for personal growth. It is taken that workshops take place in a mutual respectful atmosphere and supportive spirit


the basic workshop is a one-day 6 hrs course from 10:00-16:00 hrs - week-end workshops optional

about Jane Maluka

apart from singing, songwriting and voice healing Jane is psychospiritual fascilitator and spiritual coach based on her own concept: Full Circle Interactions * Human & Nature ie life holistically based on body/mind/spirit – human being /environment/consciousness/evolution - with 25 years experience and practise in a variety methods. Educations: body-mirror healer (a chakra healing system) intuitive healing massage, voice & music; dual-lingual correspondent, teacher in Danish as foreign language. Meditation. Moreover, comprehensive studies of holistic life philosophy and practises, the evolutionary spiritual energies in woman and man, ecology, psycho-spiritual counselling, transpersonal psychology, Jungian psychology, hatha yoga, meditation, body & consciousness

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